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Steve Holy - Brand New Girlfriend 
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Contributing Journalist

Steve Holy’s third album has a variety of songs, and about half of those are fairly quick tempos. The current single and title cut, “Brand New Girlfriend,” is one that starts out slow, however ends up sounding like an entirely different type of song. The comedy in the song as well as the fast pace have collectively brought the single to the top of the charts.

I believe the most powerful, moving song on the CD to be the second cut, “Come On Rain.” The lyrics are so descriptive and really tell a great way to view something so simple. The chorus of the song is as follows:

Unleash your fury, fill the sky/ Let your clouds explode, go on and cry/ Your tears of mercy give me time/ Unlock your winds and let them blow/ Let your lightning strike, your thunder roll/ Heaven help me stop that plane/ Come on rain

The fifth song tells the story of a couple who wed on “A Cliff In Colorado,” lived their lives together and “the story ends right where it all began.” Holy did a great job with the emotion in the vocals.

What would this album be like with only one funny song? Holy included, “Men Buy the Drinks (Girls Call the Shots),” on this album to point out how men are willing to work for what they want in this woman’s world. In this song Holy admits to understanding that “sometimes they let us win boys so we feel like we beat them but/ admit it fellas, they can go undefeated.”

“Good Night To Be Lonely” is another upbeat song with great piano in the background. It’s one of those very seldom heard songs where someone is happy to be alone.

“Wrap Around,” taken from Keith Anderson’s last album is an exciting song and one of those that will make you want to get up and dance!

If you’re looking for something to listen to while dancing with your significant other, “What Could I Do Different Tonight” would be a great pick. This non-traditional country song will dig down into your heart and make you think about those around you that you care about. We all take life for granted at times but this song will remind you to take time for those who are close to you. Every time I hear this song I picture a couple dancing in a room full of candles and roses.

After “Good Morning Beautiful,” his first number 1 single ever, Holy had several middle-of-the-chart hits. Although it has been 6 years since then, he is back at the top again with his single “Brand New Girlfriend.” The album, with the same name as his first-picked single from it, is definitely a fantastic collection of music.

To purchase the CD online, click on the album cover.
1. Brand New Girlfriend 
2. Come On Rain 
3. Hurry Up 
4. Baby Don't Go 
5. A Cliff In Colorado 
6. Men Buy The Drinks (Girls Call The Shots)
7. Good Night To Be Lonely 
8. Lead Me On Listen Listen 
9. Only The Lonely Talking 
10. Wrap Around 
11. Memory On The Run 
12. All For The Love Of Sunshine 
13. What Could I Do Different Tonight

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