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Sugarland - Enjoy The Ride
By: Amy Ross, CSO Staff Journalist

After a week in the Boston area and the busy lifestyle there, I was ready to get back to my country frame of mind. Well the trip home didnít help, I was not only stuck in Boston until almost eleven oíclock at night, my connecting flight in New York was supposed to be at nine oíclock the same evening so, you guessed it, I was stuck in the busiest city ever, New York City. When I finally returned home I was ready for a break. That break was sitting on my front step in the form of a little manila envelope. I opened it to find the new album, Enjoy The Ride, by Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles; the dynamic duo that comprises Sugarland.

I brought it to my office and put it in the stereo, I couldnít just listen to this one all the way through like I normally do, I think I repeated "Settliní" the first song, at least three times and thought to myself "oh this is going to be my favorite one". This song should be every girlís motto; "I ainít settliní for anything less than everything". What an awesome song. Then I went on to song number two, "County Line". Personally I come from a country living lifestyle packed with 4H competitions down at the county fair where everyone knows each other by name. As Sugarland sings "out where your troubles canít find you / out where you leave them all behind;" they hit the nail right on the head.

So there I sat with two favorites on the Enjoy The Ride album and the third song starts. "Want It" easily became another favorite; do you see a pattern here? Sugarland sings the chorus "the world could change in a minute / just one kiss could stop it spinning / we could think it through / but I donít want to / if you donít want to."

Each song on this album effectively delivers its own story or lesson via the powerful vocals reinforced by plenty of that sizzling country attitude that Sugarland possesses.

"Happy Ending," yes another favorite, opens your eyes to the here and now; "The first and last breath donít matter / itís all the ones that are in between." This is such a simple lesson, but one that can most assuredly impact your life with great magnitude. "From the beginning / weíre all looking for a happy ending". I think just about everyone can relate to this song because we are all looking for a happy ending and sometimes we take what is facing us presently for granted.

Sugarland accelerates into three more incredible songs "These Are The Days", "One Blue Sky", and "April Showers" then they send you into the wild ride loop to loops with "Mean Girls", a fun, crazy, rock your socks tune about mean girls. They hit the brakes and bring you to an easy cruising speed with "Stay" an emotional song about attempting to get back love lost; "Why donít you stay / Iím down on my knees / Iím so tired of being lonely / donít I give you what you need?" This is another song that will touch the lives of many.

You come to the end of this musical ride with another great love song, "Sugarland;" and now that I have come to the end of this roller coaster ride through lessons in love and life I am getting another ticket (in this case pressing the play button again). I enjoyed the ride so much I donít want it to stop so I may even get an all day pass (by putting it on repeat).

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1. Settlin'
2. County Line 
3. Want To 
4. Everyday America 
5. Happy Ending 
6. These Are The Days
 7. One Blue Sky 
8. April Showers 
9. Mean Girls 
10. Stay 
11. Sugarland 

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