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Tim McGraw - Hits Volume 2: Reflected 
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist

Tim McGraw's Hits Volume 2: Reflected, his tenth album, is an eclectic collection that includes ten of his twenty-five number one hits and six new, never before released, tracks. Among the ten greatest hits is the beautiful, contemplative mantra of the enlightened, "Live Like You Were Dying" which went straight to the top of the pop and country charts and then stayed at number one on the country charts for a record breaking ten weeks. 

McGraw's talented touring band, The Dancehall Doctors, joined him in the studio once again to record the new tracks so this brings a familiar continuity to the music and a degree of excellence that we've come to expect from these musicians. This album reaches back more than a decade to include "Not A Moment to Soon" and leaves us in the here and now with a never before released bonus track; everything in between is certifiable ear candy delivered via an iconic cowboy that, according to a recent, unofficial poll, is equally equitable eye candy as well. The new cuts are "When the Stars Go Blue," "Beautiful People," and "My Little Girl," which is from the motion picture "My Friend Flicka" and one of the two songs that McGraw co-wrote on this album. He also co-wrote on the insightful bonus track, "I've Got Friends That Do."

This CD contains two duets; the beautiful and dramatic "Like We Never Loved at All" with Mrs. Tim McGraw, AKA country beauty and superstar, Faith Hill. The other duet is "Over and Over," featuring Nelly which went to number one on the urban charts, where it stayed for twelve weeks, so I'll keep my personal opinion on this track to myself since it earned the right to be included on the album. There are plenty of other songs among the sixteen tracks to keep me coming back. "My Old Friend," "The Cowboy in Me “and” Everywhere" are just a few.

"For years, I felt like a 'greatest hits' record was something you did at the end of your career, not in the middle. As we searched for names for this record, we wanted something that had meaning to us -- the way these songs have meant something to us. What you hear here is an image of the past reflecting back the shape of what's to come -- toward what will be. With the band, our past has become part of our future. Where we've been helps us define where we'll go." Tim McGraw

One thing for sure, where ever Tim McGraw goes, based on his career achievements; twenty-six number one singles, countless Grammy's, Academy of Country Music, Country Music Association, American Music and People's Choice Awards, it is certain to be far.

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1. Live Like You Were Dying  WM  RA
2. My Old Friend  WM  RA
3. Like We Never Loved At All  WM  RA
4. The Cowboy In Me  WM  RA
5. When The Stars Go Blue (New)  WM  RA
6. Real Good Man  WM  RA  
7. She’s My Kind Of Rain  WM  RA
8. Grown Men Don’t Cry  WM  RA
9. Not A Moment Too Soon WM  RA
10. Watch The Wind Blow By WM  RA
11. Over And Over (featuring Nelly) WM  RA
12. Everywhere WM  RA
13. Beautiful People (New)  WM  RA
14. Red Ragtop  WM  RA 
15. My Little Girl (from the motion picture My Friend Flicka) (New)  WM  RA
16. I've Got Friends That Do (New) WM  RA

Videos: (Windows Media Format)
Live Like You Were Dying:
Real Good Man:
She's My Kinf Of Rain
Cowboy In Me
Every Where

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