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Alabama - Songs Of Inspiration 
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

What a wonderfully inspirational album. This is an album with plenty of soul, spirit, and it feels the way an inspirational album should. This is also Alabama’s first album totally devoted to gospel music.

In addition to Christmas albums, I think every artist should take a stab at cutting at least one inspirational album. After all, isn't that where country and gospel all started? Great artists like Elvis Presley, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis and Leann Rimes all cut inspirational albums and have done well with them.

Songs of Inspiration contains fifteen splendid numbers, including some of the most beloved old standards such as "Amazing Grace" and "In the Garden." They have also included Red Foley's "Old Shep," the Sunday school staple "Jesus Loves Me," with a children's chorus provided by granddaughters of Alabama's Teddy Gentry, and the enduring Christmas carol "Silent Night." The album is extremely enjoyable from start to finish and the ease with which they harmonize serves every one of these songs well.

Ralph Stanley is highlighted in the banjo-and-fiddle-driven "I Am the Man Thomas" and I loved "In the Garden," with Owen being accompanied only by an acoustic guitar on the first verse before the introduction of drums, mandolin, organ, piano, and finally a small choir entering ever so beautifully.

The album ends with two beautifully written original songs by Owen; a gospel ballad titled "One Big Heaven" has his renowned voice perfectly accompanied by a choir and strings and "Rain," the last track on the album, brings the full band into play with drums, guitars and all. A splendid finale that is sure to generate more than one "Amen." 

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1. His Eye Is On The Sparrow 
2. In The Garden 
3. Amazing Grace 
4. How Great Thou Art 
5. I Need Thee 
6. Old Sheep 
7. Jesus Loves Me 
8. Silent Night 
9. I Am The Man Thomas 
10. Rock Of Ages 
11. In The Sweet By And By 
12. The Old Rugged Cross 
13. What Will I Leave Behind 
14. One Big Heaven 
15. Rain 

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