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Bill Engvall - 15 Degrees Off Cool
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist  

If I were to be keenly honest, comedy ainít my thing. Itís pretty much a hit and miss for me. One manís laughter is another manís tears. I find that Iím often caught up in the boredom of some comic shelling out droll and doss and itís usually loud and obnoxious. Itís not me. I laugh loudest at the acts who take the time to embrace their life, their circumstances and, in doing so, open up the possibility of a shared laugh. Many of todayís comics canít do that.

Bill Engvall can.

Engvall, a former DJ and a veteran of six comedy albums and a recognizable touring buddy of Jeff Foxworthy, is back on the shelves. His latest comedy album, 15 Degrees Off Cool (Warner Bros. Records), is out now.

Engvall is one of those guys you warm to straight off. Heís funny. Heís wicked. He easily strikes the collective funny bone of those who can see the amusing side of life and have the ability to laugh at themselves. And thatís the charm of EngvallĖhe doesnít take it too seriously. Heís here for a good time. Engvall points his humorous finger squarely at himself, and in doing so holds a mirror up for the rest of us to examine our own flaws.

This is a good olí ordinary guy, a guy who has been treading the boards since í86, with his start in Dallas, Texas. The apprenticeship saw him chase the talk shows, doing spots with Carson and Leno, to the wider breakthrough of ďHereís Your SignĒ in 1996. The album charted on Billboard for 15 weeks and also showed the comedic talents of Travis Tritt, who featured in the video.

Running at 50 minutes, Engvallís latest is a commentary, a funny insight, into the how, what and where of America. Itís a comedic snapshot that shows even in these darkest of times: a good laugh is a distraction people want and need. Bill Engvall delivers on both counts.

Bill Engvall has an ambition. He wants to be cool. But not super cool, just 15 degrees off. The cool people, as Engvall tells us, are ďright thereĒ. But for this comedian, heís happiest being a little bent, a little off center, a little devious. When he tells us about his meeting with George Strait, itís not the rambling of an ego-driven celeb, rather itís the awe-struck honesty of a fan. And itís that approach that is winning fans Ė well proven by an almost full diary of upcoming shows on Engvallís website.

Whether it is the delights of arguing naked with your partner, to the joy of making up, only to remember thereís 14 stairs to the bedroom and youíre getting older, to the necessity of letting free, toxic building internal gas, to the equivalent of the womanís bad hair day, the manís ďbad wiener dayĒ...Ē I washed it, sat on it, and now I canít do a thing with it...Ē Engvall is the man.

Even at 15 degrees off, Bill Engvall is cool. I donít like comedy albums. I loved this. That says it all.

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1. Argue Naked 
2. Slim Jims
3. Free Range Chicken
4. Ionic Breeze
5. Getting Older
6. Part Of Your Package
7. Wives And Nascar
8. Bad Weiner Day
9. Hurting Gas
10. 15 Degrees Off Cool
11. Fantasy Camp
12. Thunderbirds

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