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Bucky Covington - Self-Titled Debut
Album review by Amy Ross, CSO Staff Journalist

I am never any good at following all of the reality shows today, maybe because there are so many good ones I wouldn't know which one to watch. Well I received an album to review and I swear I recognized the name, my first guess was it had to be from American Idol. Sure enough when I called an Idol fan she informed me through squeals of delight about this debut album that Bucky Covington was “not only on American Idol, he was in the top eight!” It took me while to get my Idol friend off the phone.

So now I know I am about to hear some pretty good talent but that thought still haunted me, why was his name so familiar when I didn't get to watch American Idol? Well my husband answered that for me “that was the guy from North Carolina that you were going to vote for” How he remembered that and I didn't will always be a mystery to me, but he's right, I am always rooting for the locals.

It came as no surprise when I started listening to the album that I was hearing something sensational, “American Friday Night” has the feel that fans everywhere are going to love, that fun rockin' country sound that makes the walls rattle and the floor shake while everyone is on the dance floor moving to the beat.

The track “A Different World” (current single) couldn't tell a more true tale about the changes in life; from when we were young boys and girls to now. There is no better way to put it than when Covington sings “not just a different time/ it was a different world”

Of course any great country artist has to have a tear jerker and you have to listen to it a few times even though you already know it is just going to make you cry each time. That is exactly what “I'll Walk” did to me. What a moving story about triumph over tragedy.

In “Back When We Were Gods” Covington executes a very affective tale of the adventures during childhood and growing up. Friendship, trouble and all the fun entangled in the two. 

“Ain't No Thing” follows with that swinging melody that is going to have the crowd on their feet! This one is going to appeal to everyone; It has the southern rock strength and the country story of cowboy lovin' or the lack there of and the delivery Covington is so famous for.

I think my favorite track on Covington's album is “I'm Good”. This one has almost a Clay Walker feel to it, I love it! The beginning of the song Covington sings; “I got my eye on the deacons daughter/ I'm diesel fuel and she's holy water”, just goes to show you that it's fun, it's crazy, this is what it's all about! A great beat, great lyrics great harmony and a great band. I'm looking forward to turning this one up when it reaches the top 10. I was sitting at Starbucks while finishing the review on this fantastic album and I even had people asking “thats a great song, who is it?” When I told them it was the new Covington album I had a small gathering and a barrage of questions.

Covington doesn't stop there, the depth and feeling in his presentation is dynamic when he sings “Empty Handed”. The range of this young mans voice is impressive to say the least, he convinces you that what he is singing is true. In “Hometown” you get such a feeling of the blues, with a grasping soulful sound. I knew when “It's Good to be Us” started playing it was going to be fun. Fast paced and demanding to be played loud! The awesome chorus line just makes you want to move something, why even the most conservative would come out of their shell and at the least tap a toe. With the heart pounding drums and screaming guitars this is yet another attention grabber.

The final cut on Covington's album “The Bible and the Belt” is a hip shaker; this isn't southern rock it's soul~thern rock. Artists like Covington don't come around very often and this one is sure to make a very lasting impression on country and rock- n - roll fans world wide.

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