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Gary Allan - Greatest Hits
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Contributing Journalist

With great music accumulating on six albums over the past 11 years, Gary Allan was due for a greatest hits CD. 

Greatest Hits, Allanís seventh album, contains 13 of his finest hits and two new songs that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next album. The first new song on the CD finds a man unable to come across anything, despite his valiant efforts, that gives him what he experienced from the love of a woman, ďA Feeliní Like That.Ē David Lee Murphy, Kim Tribble and Ira Dean worked together to write it.

ďAs the Crow Flies,Ē the second to last cut on the CD, was written by Keith Gattis. This upbeat song was written about a free-spirited guy who is always on the run. Allanís strong, rugged voice combines with the southern rock tone to produce a song that will definitely be a hit during live shows.

Despite experiencing the highest of highs and lowest of low times in his life, he has continued to produce albums and stay true to his fans. Breaking attendance records in multiple locations in 2006, he performed for over a million people. Overall in his career, Allan has sold over 5 million records, released back to back Platinum albums and also landed back to back number one singles on the radio. 

Allanís Greatest Hits is a collection of his biggest hits but certainly not all of them. The two new songs as well as the 13 old ones make it a great album for anyone.

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