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Halfway To Hazard - Self-Titled Debut
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist  

They may be the new kids on the block as far as singing duos go, but Chad Warrix and David Tolliver of Halfway to Hazard are not new to the music industry. Both are accomplished writers on the Nashville songwriting scene and are respected among their peers for their talents behind the pen. Their self-titled debut album on Mercury Records includes several songs they wrote themselves as well as several songs from writers like Jeffery Steel and Rivers Rutherford. Not a bad start for a brand new duo.  

Ironically, these two guys grew up just a few miles from each other in Kentucky and ran into each other through the years as they were growing up but never really knew each other. They actually got to know each other in Nashville where they both wrote. They call themselves Halfway to Hazard because Hazard, Kentucky was the halfway point between their two hometowns and where all the kids in the surrounding areas met up for the theaters, restaurants and general entertainment. They came together as a duo while showcasing some of the songs they wrote as a team and people kept telling them that they sounded so good together they should pursue a singing career. They agreed, and things started taking off for them.

The energetic duo caught the attention of Tim McGraw and not only did he produce their debut album, they were invited to open for Tim & Faith on their last Soul-2-Soul tour. The album has generated air play and fans across the country with the first single release, "Daisy," that touches on young love and becoming a widower with a baby to bring up. Their next single, "Devil and the Cross," has just been released to radio. It is well written song about being the son of a minister who likes to live life a little on the wild side. In addition, "Countrified" has been released as a video to the video stations. It has a driving southern rock sound and the video was filmed while on the road for the Soul-2-Soul tour. They felt a dual release was not
only something different, but also a way to show their musical diversity. The album is a great mix of sound that keeps you interested in hearing more. It's a mix of great southern rock with solid contemporary country. The guys blend personalities really well and they feed off of each other in their music. If they continue their current path, I can see them being compared to Montgomery Gentry as far as similar styles and attitude. Overall, it is a really good album and one I enjoy listening to. It makes a great road trip CD.

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