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Jack Ingram - This Is It
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Contributing Journalist

Most of us first knew him because of his hit single “Wherever You Are,” but now that “Lips of an Angel” is out on the radio, Jack Ingram’s popularity has recently skyrocketed. Both of these songs, as well as many others with great potential, are included on This Is It, the first disc Ingram has put out in five years.

Although he knew there were more expectations this time around, Jack Ingram did not let that affect the way he chose the songs for this album. “If it makes me sad or happy on an extreme level, if it’s something I can relate to, and something I feel like I can deliver, then that’s the kind of song I want to play,” he said about his song choices. “It really comes down to emotion for me.”

The CD opens up with a song that was inspired by Ingram’s parents’ divorce during his teenage years. The divorce greatly impacted his life, and therefore he has written songs about it in the past and thinks he probably will continue to do so in the future. 

Although his first album was produced in 2001, I had never heard of him until “Wherever You Are” came out on the radio in 2006. It immediately caught my attention because of the great vocals, music as well as lyrics. In many relationships there seems to be one person who says “I’ll do whatever I have to do to be with you,” and this is the song to tell that story.

Given that a lot has happened since his last album five years ago, Ingram’s new album, “This Is It,” includes many genuine songs that were influenced by the last few years of his life. He has experienced some tremendously significant events, including becoming a father of three.

“I never knew I could have so much love for anybody,” Ingram said about Ava Adele, his daughter. He wrote the song with her name in the title as a dedication to her, describing the love she has managed to bring to him, although, so far she has only been around for about four years. Ingram’s love for his daughter is evident in the immense passion he has shown by writing and singing this song. The vocals are accentuated; music only quietly plays in the background.

When Ingram heard Hinder’s version of “Lips of an Angel” on the radio, he decided it was a "killer song". Ingram says; "I thought we could give it another feel and do it justice.” Again, bringing his music to real life lessons and experiences, he said “Besides, who hasn’t felt this way at some point in their life? Don’t lie.” He definitely gives the song a different, more faint, pop song feeling. Ingram’s vocals will draw you in, making you want to put the song on repeat.

Of the songs I had not previously heard, I think “All I Can Do,” the last cut on the album, is my favorite. I like the idea behind the song because it is, once again, something most of us go through some time in our lives. The tempo of the song fits the lyrics perfectly and the way it incorporates brass instruments will, yet again, leave you wanting more. 

Ingram used to be on the outside of the country music circle; now, to prove that he is still working his way in, he recently toured with both Brooks & Dunn. While touring with Sheryl Crow, they wrote a song together titled, “Hold On,” which is also included on this album. Working his way up even farther, this spring and summer he will be a part of Brad Paisley’s tour. “I’ve spent the last year introducing myself to a brand new audience,” he said. “And now it feels like it’s beginning to take hold. I’m telling you… this is it.”

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1. Measure Of A Man 
2. Hold On 
3. Lips Of An Angel 
4. Wherever You Are 
5. Love You
6. Easy As 1, 2, 3 (Part II) 
7. Ava Adele 
8. Make A Wish (Coming Home Again)
9. Great Divide 
10. Don't Want To Hurt 
11. Maybe She'll Get Lonely
12. All I Can Do 

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