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Jason Michael Carroll - Waitin' In The Country
Album review by Amy Ross, CSO Staff Journalist

I'll be honest with you, when I received this album I wasn't sure what to expect. Now to be brutally honest, I was taken aback, shocked and felt like a complete dummy all at the same time. In fact when I started listening to Jason Michael Carroll's newly released album Waitin' In The Country, I had to do a double take at the pictures featured on the album sleeve. This handsome young man doesn't look big enough to have such a powerful voice and he is local here in North Carolina, why haven't I heard him before this? Good golly I have been missing out.

No kidding when I started the album and the title cut “Waitin’ in the Country” came on I actually stopped the CD and checked to make sure I had Carroll's album in the player. Sure enough it was his album and that’s when everything started spinning. Warning to all country music fans, Carroll has a voice and he knows how to use it! There should be a warning on the album itself reading: Danger high energy country artist enclosed. Play at your own risk!

The second cut “I Can Sleep When I'm Dead” starts out with this incredible baritone voice that is sure to grab a piece of your heart and never let it go and moves you from head to toe. Even the most conservative country fan will be persuaded to move to this song. With this kind of energy there will be a lot more country music fans that will be sleepless.

So I told you Carroll has a powerful voice, right? That voice delivers such a sad story in “Alyssa Lies;” it is sure to bring even a grown man to tears. Oh yeah folks, I can't believe the talent I am hearing. Carroll brings you back from the heart ache with “Lookin' At You” and he doesn't stop there, “No Good In Goodbye” is an amazing duet with another great singing talent; Jewel. What a great match up, Carroll's deep reaching vocals and the outstanding abilities of Jewel are a match made in heaven. Both Carroll and Jewel shared a part in writing this track as well.

I can already see Carroll taking country music by storm, not only can he bring you to your emotional limits with his incredible vocals but he had a hand in writing numerous songs on this album. “Livin' Our Love Song” is an amazing song about long lasting love and I would highly recommend this one for an anniversary party or even just a romantic night under the stars. This is one of those masterpiece love songs that you will be playing for years to come.

I love it when you can visualize the story portrayed in songs and in “Anywhere USA” Carroll brings to life a picture that can, in fact, be anywhere USA. The next cut I had to play a few times, yes, I said a few! Something just didn't seem right the first two times I played it and then I figured out what was missing. Atmosphere, I was in my living room which is not the setting for a song like “Honky Tonk Friends” because I didn't have any of my friends to sing the chorus line with while cheering with our long neck bottles! With the piano and up beat tempo this is going to liven up any honky tonk around!

Wow is all there is to be said about “Love Won't Let Me” before I knew it the song was ending and I realized I hadn't written anything, Carroll truly takes you to a place where nothing matters but the music. He finished his album with “Angel Of Broken Hearts” and “Let It Rain,” both are the high caliber songs that are destined to bring Carroll to the top of the charts. Bottom line is another warning; pick up a copy of this album only if you think you can handle the high energy it posses because I guarantee you will be blown away.

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1. Waitin' In The Country 
2. I Can Sleep When I'm Dead 
3. Alyssa Lies 
4. Lookin' At You 
5. No Good In Goodbye 
6. Livin' Our Love Song 
7. Anywhere USA 
8. Honky Tonk Friends 
9. Love Won't Let Me 
10. Angel Of Broken Hearts 
11. Let It Rain

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