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John Anderson - Easy Money  
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist 

“I’ve seen the price of fame, lost friends along the way; I’ve seen the stars burn out and fall from the sky, while others fade away. It’s a hard way; it’s a hard, hard way to make easy money…” John Anderson –“Easy Money” 

If you’ve ever wanted to ride the tour bus, plug your guitar into a host of honkytonks, and if you’ve imagined the life of a country star comes with endless celebrity meetings and non-stop partying, well, it’s time to reassess. Howard and David, the Bellamy Bros, gave us a clue to life beyond the neon with their 90s hit, the energetic, “Hard Way To Make A Easy Livin”. The tune painted a different reality to the gloss manufactured on CMT.

The Bellamy boys told us in song the perception of easy money for a couple of hours’ work was a long way from the sweat and disruption of packing and unpacking the gear across a calendar of one-night stands. It’s a stark reality that often the glamour and glitz of the music star is one founded on travel, fatigue and just plain hard work.

New Muzik Mafia recruit, John Anderson, covers that truth with the opening salvo on his latest on Warner Bros, Easy Money. When the music veteran declares,” It’s a damn hard way to make easy money,” believe it. With over 30 years' industry know-how, it’s the voice of experience singing here. And experience is something Anderson has claiming rights on.

Anderson, a Floridian, has been a pivotal pioneer of country, having had chart success with songs like Billy Joe Shaver’s ‘I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal”, his signature cut, “Swingin,’” and the identifiable ladies lament, “Straight Tequila Night”. Other notables include “When It Comes To You” and “Money In The Bank” – prophetic as it landed at number one on the country charts.

Anderson in recent years has been almost absent from the charts. This album should change that.

Simply, it’s compelling. In a distinctive voice, one made for heartache and misery, Anderson knows how to draw the emotional cords tight, wrapping you in a shared journey of pain, passion and fun, and all delivered as uncompromised country. He does it sooo-oo well.

With six co-writes on the 11-tracker, two with ex Lonestar and album producer John Rich, Anderson mines the landscape of music reality with the title cut, only to find richer gems on a deeper dig into the album. With a track like “A Woman Knows,” the hatted singer, who once helped with the building of the Grand Ole Opry, gets to the emotional gristle of female intuition. Moody, revealing and clear, the tune is sensitive and honest. Other shades of similar come with “Something To Drink About”, and the truth men in a hurry should learn from, “I Can’t Make Her Cry Anymore”. Telling of marital neglect, from late flowers to mobile phones on vacations, it’s a prod to men to realize their immediate priority shouldn’t, as the song tells,” wander on the beach…just out of reach”, but rather should be at arms length. 

“Brown Liquor” is t-t-t-t tongued-tied revelry, a party-charged energizer that kicks things in a different direction, not unlike the charged ‘Funky Country”. “Willie’s Guitar” is a somber tune that compares the guitar’s hole to the gap in our lover’s heart; it rounds out the album; cameo vocals come from Willie and Haggard – and Willie gets to play his old and familiar guitar in the break.

If you have lazy dollars, get Easy Money. This one is a keeper. You can bank on it.

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