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Josh Turner - Everything Is Fine
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist  

MCA Recording Artist and brand new Grand Ole Opry member Josh Turner titled his third studio album Everything Is Fine, and it certainly is. Turner caught my attention with "Long Black Train" at a time when I really didn't care for too many of the new artists coming onto the country music scene. His deep baritone and traditional roots roped me in and made me a dedicated fan of his music. With each new release, he sets the bar a little higher and establishes himself deeper as a serious performer who has staying power in an industry that often has a revolving door. Along with his amazing deep baritone that gives you a jolt all the way to your toes when you hear it, he also is an incredibly talented songwriter. Out of the twelve tracks on the album, he has full or shared writing credits on seven of them. He enjoys writing with John Anderson when their schedules allow, and two of the tracks are songs they wrote together. I feel a large part of his success is in the fact that he is a very grounded individual who knows what he wants to do and has a plan to get there. He keeps his music positive, family always comes first for him and above all he stays true to who he is. 

Part of the process of recording for Turner is to choose songs that not only please the listener, but also songs that offer a glimpse into his life as well. "Firecracker" is the first single release and became his fastest rising single on the charts so far. It is an upbeat tune with fun lyrics that are all about the feelings you have when you fall in love with the right girl. He collaborated with Trisha Yearwood on an incredible love song titled "Another Try." Sometimes people break up for the wrong reasons but different things keep them apart from there. If they ever have another chance they will fight with everything they have to make it work. R&B artist Anthony Hamilton is a fan of Turner and wrote a song called "Nowhere Fast" that he tailored to Turner's style. Their voices blend really well and I love the R&B feel with the country twist. It is one of my favorite songs on the album.

Turner has more of a serious nature, so it is fun to hear him sing songs like the self-penned "Trailerhood." This one is a tongue in cheek description of life in a trailer park that tells us he hasn't forgotten the blue collar crowd and it will have you in stitches while you listen to it. "The Longer the Waiting" has a strong Celtic sound to it and prominently features Bagpipes. I liked that he included that because many people either donít realize or have forgotten that Celtic music played a big part in what evolved into country music. He also did an excellent cover of one of my all time favorite songs, the George Jones hit, "One Woman Man." 

This is an excellent album and one I highly recommend for any fan of country music. Each and every track is a winner.

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