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Larry The Cable Guy - Morning Constitutions (DVD)
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist 

Known as America’s hottest comedian, cable guy Larry is back with another hilarious swipe. Following on from his successful CD, the irreverent and topically humorous Morning Constitutions, now we have the DVD. 

If the oral pleasures of Larry doing his well honed routine stimulated your senses, be prepared to laugh loud and long with this visual showing. While the CD brought its own light and shade to Larry’s talent, the DVD, complete with rustic stage and here-for-a-goodtime crowd, shows just how funny his live show can be. And be in no doubt. Larry is funny. There’s no shiny jacket and showbiz shoes, no perfected patter to the well-heeled, Larry’s a guy, an ordinary guy, with a sense of the ridiculous, all too happy to make himself the butt of his humor. And it works.

Larry’s a knockabout. A redneck. A guy who appreciates the laughs had in all that’s around him. Whether he’s sizing up stool problems, finger pointing at cultural diversity, as he does on Terrorist or Toddler, or he’s bravely lampooning the gay mafia, he does it all with a sharp and pointed tongue – one firmly wedged in his cheek. 

If you loved and laughed at the CD, then in the words of this million-selling joker, complete the job: “Git-r-done”. Get the DVD. Complete with added extras of a photo gallery, Delta Farce trailer and some laughable behind the scenes stuff, with this, your morning constitution is complete.

It’s out now on Warner Brothers.

Click on the DVD cover to order yours!

CD Review:

Can I make a confession? Here in the Australian office of CSO, I haven’t heard a lot of Larry the Cable Guy. Sure, I know he’s one of America’s hottest working class comedians. And I vaguely recall he was part of the Jeff Foxworthy’s Blue Collar Comedy Tour entourage. But outside of that fleeting recognition Larry (or Daniel Lawrence Whitney to his mom and dad), is not a guy I’ve shared laughs over. That’s about change. After hearing the latest release from The Cable Guy, Larry, I’m hooked on his brand of humor. Fast becoming a major part of the US comedic landscape, his monologues and spirited jabs and jibes at everyday life travel well a world away.

Morning Constitutions (Warner Bros) is a 12 tracker, running at a tad under 60 minutes and recorded at The Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis. Larry offers astute lay observation and devilish commentary on this, that and the other – in other words the guy tagged “should be our next president” has thoughts on just about everything. And the audience loved it. And so did I. 

Sure he’s rude, crass, loud and vulgar. But if you’ve “knocked around a bit”, he’s not a guy who offends – but I wouldn’t suggest this be played after church brunch get-togethers. I mean the fart jokes just may not reach their intended audience. And I’m sure the passing reference to Hugh Hefner, Playboy Bunnies and the wonder drug Viagra may just be something the local pastor may wish to avoid. Then again…

Larry is one good ol’ boy. He knows how to have fun. And he has the innate talent to open wide his humor and take us along for the ride. Whether he’s poking fun at Walmart, lampooning his recent bride, or slinging off at Brokeback Mountain while teasing us with a Cash-inspired tune, “A Sue Named Boy”, the laughs are never far from the surface.

And ol’ Larry has had plenty of time and sales to work his act to perfection. Not only has he appeared as himself and an uncertain gender bender type in Gretchen Wilson’s video “All Jacked Up”, but the Grammy nominated comedian has had cash registers singing a selling song with combined sales of his albums in the millions. And just to prove he’s mighty with the pen as he is with the laughs, his “Git-R-Done” book hit high spots on the envied New York Times bestseller list. Oh, and did I mention he was named in Forbes magazine's "Celebrity 100”. For the uninitiated that’s a list of the hottest and most successful people in the entertainment industry.

Larry ain’t for everybody. But everybody will find something to laugh at here. Larry’s the guy, he shoots one-liners quicker than a missile on a heat-seeking target, and he blows hard and loud about the sensibilities that can, if allowed, shock and offend. Comedy is a fine line between humor and offense. Larry wanders its length and contour with ease, devilment and crafted humor.

It’s later than we think. It’s time to lighten up and laugh. Thanks to Larry’s suburban subjects and style, we can.

Click on the CD cover to order yours!

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