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Little Texas - Missing Years
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

You remember this impressive group's songs from the 90's. Like "God Blessed Texas" and their hit ballad "My Love." You might have wondered what they have been up to these past few years, well your about to find out. Little Texas is back and better than ever. After a little hiatus the Multi-platinum group is revved-up and back with a brand new sound. Porter Howell has stepped forward as lead singer of the group and they are on a brand new label - Montage Music Group. 

Missing Years is an album they have always wanted to make and with the help of producer Anthony Martin, they have made themselves an incredible album to share with the fans of the past and make new ones.

They were one of the super-groups of the 1990's and made a name for themselves back then and are ready to reclaim that name now in 2007. The harmonies that once made them what they were, are back and even better than before. The new single/title track "Missing Years" is a classic Little Texas tune. But they show that they can be a little on the rowdy side
with the fun filled song "Party Life." They are here to show us that they are back with a renewed energy and excitement 
to make more of the awesome music that the fans nationwide came to love and respect during the group's early days. 

The band now includes original members Porter Howell (lead vocals and lead guitar), Dwayne O'Brien (vocals and rhythm guitars), Duane Propes (bass and vocals) and Del Gray (drums). Howell, Gray and O'Brien all had a hand in writing many of the tunes on this album, along with writers, Don Pfrimmer, Paul Jefferson, Jon McElroy , James Dean Hicks and Anthony Smith. 

This album features 12 new songs including potential hits like; "Knees", "Rebel", "Party Life," "Texas 101" and the title track, "Missing Years" among others. "Rebel" and "Party Life" are both very fun toe tapping tunes. Songs that make you want to dance along to the music. "Knees" one of my favorites - showcase their incredible harmonies. It's about when you loose someone, all you have is your ~ "Knees, are where you land, when you haven't got the strength, to stand and hands, are what you fold, when you pray to God, just to let her go. To rise above the pain, you got to be on your Knees."  They still have the ability to write and deliver an amazing tune that touches the heart of a listener like never before.

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Real People Reviews

"Missing Years" is a good showcase for the many facets of the Little Texas repertoire of songs. We loved "Texas 101"-- can envision another video with the fun and energy of "God Blessed Texas." "Knees" is a product of a more mature group, and "Party Time" is just plain old fun. The "Missing Years" track has the appeal of "What Might Have Been," with the story line and the "blossoming" into rich harmony in the chorus. 
We are ready to hear the "new Little Texas" on radio -- too bad calling the DJs doesn't seem to be the way to go anymore. In their early days, we could make a difference by calling our friends and besieging the local station. 
~ Joan C. - Henderson, Texas

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