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Sara Evans - Greatest Hits 
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist  

It seems like just yesterday that this young lady hit the country music circuit with a fresh new sound as she reached the top of the charts with "No Place That Far." That was actually about ten years and five studio albums ago, and she is still going strong. Over the past ten years, she has had several number one hits and won numerous industry awards. So it comes as no surprise that Sara Evans has released a Greatest Hits package. It includes four new tracks on the fourteen song album, all of which were co-written by Evans. One of those songs, "As If," has already been flying up the charts.

As you listen to Greatest Hits, you will appreciate how Evans hit the ground running with her music. Rather than playing it safe with her first releases, she set the bar high with songs like "No Place That Far" and "Born to Fly." As her albums progressed we heard songs like "Perfect," "I Could Not Ask For More" and "I Keep Looking." Her songs all carry a piece of her personality and make you take note of the artist singing them. That ability to personalize the music and pack an emotional appeal to the listener is something that takes her to that higher level. There is no doubt that Evans has that 'special something.' 

The four new tracks are excellent and further establish Evans as a serious writer. Along with "As If," you have "Love You With All My Heart," a poignant ballad about the joys and feelings of being in a brand new relationship with someone special. "Pray For You" is all about the love and comfort of a family and knowing there is always a place to come home to. "Some Things Never Change" is an upbeat tune and talks about no matter how much things may change in the world around you, the basics of family and their love for you will never change. This is a great album for any country music fan. And if you are a new Sara Evans fan, this is the perfect way to start your collection. If, like me, you have been a Sara Evans fan for awhile then you can now have some favorite tunes on one disc. 

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