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Tim McGraw - Let It Go
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

I first remember hearing Tim McGraw’s great voice in 1994 with "Indian Outlaw". It kicked off a string of McGraw anthems, such as "Down on the Farm", "I Like It, I Love It" and the amazingly sweet song "Don’t Take The Girl", which came to be McGraw’s first number one hit. It showed us that he had a sensitive side and being good looking didn’t hurt him at all. I’ve followed his career from then on, because I saw something that stood out in his voice and I liked what I heard. I’ve seen him live a few times, with and without Faith, and have never been disappointed.

McGraw has come along way in his not so many years. remember what he said he was going to do in his hit "My Next 30 Years"? He’s not only making more and more number one hits, he’s become a movie star, been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and beyond that, has become a family man with a heart of gold.

McGraw's latest release, his 11th album, is titled Let It Go, and features 13 brand new tracks including his hit single "Last Dollar (Fly Away)", along with a new duet with his beautiful wife Faith Hill. This is McGraw’s first studio album in nearly three years in which he co-produces with the help of Byron Gallimore and Darren Smith. The Dancehall Doctors, McGraw’s touring band, helps him once again on this album, their third consecutive project.

Faith Hill joins McGraw on two of the albums tracks, "I Need You" and "Shotgun River". You can hear the love in their voices, you don’t have to see them in person (even though it’s always better to see them live), it comes through in their music. Truly soul mates, McGraw and Hill show in "I Need You" that love songs are best sung when two people are really in love. Being able to express through a song the love they have for each other, you can feel the warmth of that love when they sing so perfectly together.

I saw Tim and Faith some time ago on the Spontaneous Combustion Tour in L.A., they were amazing then and I’m sure even more amazing now. I hope to get to see them again soon. The exude love everywhere they go. You can see it in their eyes when they look at each other. It’s the kind of love you read about, but their love is real.

I loved his song that says no matter what life brings us, whether it is devastating or not, nothing is worth drinking, driving and dying for. "Nothin’ To Die For", is a song about how we all need to get our priorities straight. McGraw sings his heart out on this subject.

McGraw shows us his songwriting skills on the tenth track titled "Train #10". We don’t see much of his writing even though he says he does plenty, just not ones he likes enough to record. Maybe in the future we’ll hear more and more. It seams lately he’s doing songs that are a reflection of his life. 

There just isn’t a bad song on this amazing project, I can’t say enough about it. McGraw keeps showing us that his talent just doesn’t end.

"Last Dollar" - the debut single off the album has that special touch at the end with his sweet daughters voices singing the song. What a great tribute to them.

What keeps McGraw real to me, he puts family above all his fame and fortune. He is such a loving and devoted family man, and that says everything. 

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1. Last Dollar (Fly Away) 
2. I’m Workin’ 
3. Let It Go 
4. Whiskey And You 
5. Suspicions 
6. Kristofferson 
7. Put Your Lovin’ On Me 
8. Nothin’ To Die For 
9. Between The River And Me 
10. Train #10 
11. I Need You 
12. Comin’ Home 
13. Shotgun Rider

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