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Toby Keith - Big Dog Daddy 
Album review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill

On the insert that came with the album it says, "Big Dog Daddy by Toby Keith -- By. As in, sung by, written by, released by, produced by..." and that pretty much sums it up. Big Dog Daddy is proof that this multi-platinum music superstar can do all that and a whole lot more. Keith is a methodical troubadour who has perfected the art of striking a harmonious chord within the human spirit through his music.

"You get out what you put in" Keith says, "I've always been the hardest worker, and prided myself on that. I may not be the biggest star around, but nobody will ever out work me. For the first time ever, I've made an album that I can listen to up and down and never go, 'Man, I wish I didn't let them do that.' If I didn't like the way something sounded, I fixed it." This is obviously a method he should adhere to in the future since the whole album, from first cut to last, is vocally, lyrically and musically sound. "High Maintenance Woman," the first single to be released from the album, is also the fastest rising single of his career and is already sitting in the top ten on the charts.

This album has the Toby stamp all over it, in it, and through it and, trust me on this, this is a good thing. He proudly states that he even sang his own harmonies; something he had not done before. If you have any doubts how well Keith can harmonize with himself, just listen closely on "White Rose," "High Maintenance Woman," and "Love Me If You Can."

One of my favorite cuts is "Love Me If You Can." Keith says, "That song is just me. I get roped into these political arguments, but the truth is I don't see things right or left, I see them right or wrong." You will understand why he says that if you listen carefully to all the words of this song.

Sometimes I think the war is necessary / Every night I pray for peace on earth / I hand out my dollars to the homeless / but believe that every able soul should work / I'm a man of my convictions / Call me wrong / Call me right / Gonna bring my better angels to every fight / You may not like where I'm goin' / but you sure know where I stand / Hate me if you want to / Love me if you can

Another track that really stood out for me is "Walk it Off," in fact, this might be my favorite cut on this album. Keith has absolutely perfected the art of infusing the lyrics with so much heartfelt passion and I love the softness in his voice, and the sincerity in his delivery, on this song. No one can do this quite like him. He has a way of blind-siding your psyche with that tremor in his voice and bringing you, effortlessly, to your emotional knees. And when it comes to great lyrics and clever hooks, I'm certain that Keith and Scotty Emerick are two of the most prolific songwriting partners in any genre of music.

When asked why he hasn't produced his own album before Keith says the only reason is that he simply didn't have the time since he was busy opening record labels, restaurants, and working on movies. Well, after listening to this album from start to finish, you will be hoping he makes time to produce some more.

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Real People Reviews

I love this cd it has all goods in cd. lots love in it . rocks and sad parts . toby went all way make great cd . I hope toby get something good out cd lease award . love how did back singing it toby makes feel right they in concert . love toby big fan toby keith . maybe this time get award work very hard what do with music . 
~ Diane

Sometimes People Analyze What He Says to death and Toby Has Always Been a What Ya See Is What You Get Kinda Guy. I Say If Ya Wanna Understand Toby's Feelings On Alot of Things They Are All There Right In Front Of You In his Music. Try Listening to His Interviews Closer Everything He Values and Holds Dear Is Right There In Front of You. If Ya Wanna Know Toby Keith Just Open Your Eyes Things Can't Be More Clearer. 
This album is More of the Same, Toby Said "He wants His Fingerprints All Over His Music" and This CD is 100% Solid Toby Keith he returns to his awesome Honky Tonk country Roots He Has always had, It is the foundation for every CD Toby
Has Ever Made This One Just States It More Clearly Just Like the Man Himself.
As Far and the Tracks and My Feelings Here Ya Go:
1. High Maintenance Woman-Is a Jump, Jiving, Hip Hopping Tune and The Ultimate
You Don't Know I'm Alive and I Will never Be Good Enough For You Song and I Love it.
2. Love Me If You Can-Is My Favorite One On the Album. Toby Owns this song if there is one song that ever described Toby this is It. This is the Main Reason Why I am a Fan and Perhaps the reason Why You Are Not. This One Says I am Toby Keith Whether You Like Me Or Not. Good Thing I Do, It is Maybe Why I Identify With This song So Well. I Bring My Better Angels to Every Fight Too Toby. Toby Cuts Very Few Outside Songs But Thanks for cutting this gem Toby.
3. White Rose-Takes You Back Like a Country Song Should. Pure Country, Pure Honky Tonk. Takes Me Back To The Old Honky Tonk Bars That Are Disappearing Too. Love The Background Vocal Echos It Really Sets The Scene For Me.
4. Get My Drink On-Is An Awesome Leaving Song. Gonna Be A Great Live Song I Can Already Hear This One Grooving Up The Charts. One of the Best Ones On the album. Pure Country Fun. One of Five Songs Scotty Emerick helped Write On This Album and One of the Best. 
5. Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya-Love the spin Toby puts on This popular saying, Nothing tells a story Better Than a country song and this one does it all. Great Song.
6. Big Dog Daddy-This is gonna be Toby's best live performance song I can see it already, Warriors are gonna love this one live. Good Thing We Warriors Know Who Our Big Dog Daddy is. This is an awesome dancing song it just begs for millions of Dance Instructors to Use It In Class.
7. I Know She Hung the Moon-Toby and Ballads Compliment Each Other. No One Sweeps You Off Your Feet Better Than Toby Doing a Ballad. This one overflows With Sweeping Potential. Awesome Ballad and Awesome Lyrics. 
8. Pump Jack-This one definitely Pumps You Up and I Ain't Talking Exercise I am Talking Dancing and Grooving If You Are Still Sitting You Ain't Listening. Love this song. 
9. Burnin' Moonlight-is it hot in here or is it just me? Hope you heart ain't made of butter cause it is gonna be melting. This ballad is the hottest song Toby has ever made next to Crash here Tonight and I love it. Don't ask me why? You Will Know Why.
10. Walk It Off-This is a Get Over It Buddy Conversation Between two Friends Set to Music. Great song and Wonderful.
11. Hit It-The Rockingest Song on the Album. This Song Rocks Totally. Just shows Ya Even Cowboys Like a Little Bit of Rock-n-Roll. This is a rockin', Hip Hopping, Wonderful Song that is Gonna Rock Even More Live. Love it. 
Thanks Toby for Taking Control of This One You Truly Are the Master of Your Destiny and a Big Dog Daddy! This Warrior Feels This is One of Your Best. 
~ TKIFC-CoolCntryGal


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