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Tracy Lawrence - For the Love 
Album review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist 

When his very first album, Sticks and Stones in 1991, landed him at the top of the country music charts and produced three number one hits, Tracy Lawrence stated in several interviews that his personal goal in this industry was "longevity." Sixteen years, sixteen number one hits, twenty top ten hits, two platinum albums, two double platinum albums, and countless accolades and other awards later, Lawrence shows us, once again, why he won't have to look too far For the Love once his new album is released.

The album starts off, and ends, with a song that, in true country music form, delivers a message that just about everyone will relate to. The difference between the first cut of "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" and the last is the vocal accompaniment. On the first track you are treated to Lawrence's solo rendition of this song but on the final track, he is joined by two of his long time, real-life friends; none other than Kenney Chesney and Tim McGraw. Although Lawrence doesn't need any vocal assistance, I enjoyed both versions of the song and it is clear that this trio had a good time recording the bonus track. 

All of the songs on this album are really well written and contributed by several top notch songwriters, but one of my favorites was the only track written solely by Lawrence; "Speed of Flight." This track certifies that Lawrence is not only a tried and true honky-tonk balladeer but a first rate songwriter as well. This particular track is lyrically strong and "faster than the speed of flight" is a clever hook.

"You're Why God Made Me," written by Billy Yates and Will Nance, was another song that stood out for me: When God made me, I believe, He had a real good plan / Well, my lips were made to whisper / Sweet nothings in your ear / My hands were made to wipe away / Every single tear / My arms were made to hold you tight / My eyes were made to see / You're why God made me /

Brad Arnold, of Three Doors Down, joins Lawrence on the title cut (For the Love, written by Paul Nelson and Rick Huckaby) and the end result is an edgy song with a contagious beat. This track is followed up by "As Easy As Our Blessings," written by Tony Martin and Mark Nessler; a beautiful song whose lyrics are intensified by Lawrence's passionate delivery: Lately I've been having more / Nights that I can't sleep / The storms of life keep blowin' in / Sometimes it gets so heavy/ It drives me to my knees ... And up in Heaven sometimes I wonder if God sits / There and listens to all His children / Thinking it'd be nice if we'd forget / Our troubles as easy as our blessings /

"Just Like That," written by Michael Brown and Flip Anderson was another stand out track for me. This easy flowing, two-steppin' ditty with clever lyrics, strong instrumental riffs and a feel-good melody, is guaranteed to lift your spirits and get your feet moving.

This album is the first release on his own Rocky Comfort Records and based on the song selection and quality of production, I'd say that "longevity" in this industry is a given. "My music is evolving to a place that is more spiritual and reflective of the heart," Lawrence says. "I can see the transformation over several albums, and I see it continuing to grow. I'm eager to see where the journey continues to take me."

I have no doubt that it will take him, rightfully, to the next level of success. For the Love is classic country with the emphasis on class.

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1 Find Out Who Your Friends Are 
2 Just Like Her 
3 You Can't Hide Redneck 
4 For the Love 
5 As Easy As Our Blessings 
6 Speed of Flight 
7 Rock and a Soft Place 
8 Til I Was a Daddy Too 
9 You're Why God Made Me 
10 Just Like That 

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Tracy Lawrence has never been better than on his new CD, FOR THE LOVE. He is a true country artist opting to deliver songs that have a honky tonk edge. I have never heard him sing a bad song, and once again he stands head and shoulders above the crowd.
~ Janet


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