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Ty Herndon - Right About Now 
Album Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist 

A lot of folks are saying "he's back," but I've known him for many years and after listening to his new album, I wouldn't say he's back; I'd say he has finally arrived. Ty Herndon will be the first to tell you that throughout his career, to date, he has taken two steps forward and then one step back. He could never seem to break free of his own nightmares but Right About Now I feel that I can say with absolute confidence that he is finally free of past demons. If this album is, as he says, a reflection of where he is in his life, than I'd say the road in front of him is clear of detours. The media blurb that accompanied the CD referred to it as a "comeback collection" but I really feel this is actually his debut album as a whole person since what you will hear on all eleven tracks is a healthy soul with a superior voice. This is, by far, his best work yet and for those of you with short memories, he has had much success in this crazy industry.

The album kicks off with a very rhythmic, easy listening tune titled "Someday Soon," written by Darrell Brown, Radney Foster, and Keith Urban. Need I say more?

Everything familiar feels so new to me / I might look the same but I'm not who I used to be / Love is going to build a bridge from me to you / And faith is going to find a way to pull me through

The title cut, Right About Now, is an incredibly beautiful love song, written by Darrell Brown and Michael Peterson that really allows Herndon to show off his vocal range. There is a nice balance between up-tempo, boot scooters and generic (I mean that in a positive way) ballads. There is not a disappointing track on the album and the list of songwriters who wrote for this project reads like right out of "who's who."

"Hide" is one of the tracks that stuck in my mind and "Mercy Line" made it impossible for me to keep from tapping my keyboard. If I hadn't erased it, it would have looked like this: ,',''''',',''''',',''''',',''''',',',','''''',',' for about a page and a half as I got carried away. "We Are," written by Jim and Ryan Rushing, has some great lyrics and incredible vocal harmonies on the chorus.

Picking a favorite song was nearly impossible. There is enough diversity in the tempo and lyrics of each song that it is difficult to compare one to another but as I listened to his voice infuse the lyrics of "We Are" to the depth of my being, it took my breath away. There are few artists today, or in the history of this genre, capable of delivering a song the way Herndon does. I'm not even sure I understand how or why his voice effects people so deeply the way it does but I do know that it does, because it affects me that way. Perhaps he said it best, himself, when he said, "My greatest ability is my ability to interpret a song, put it on tape and make it believable." Maybe that's it; he definitely is believable when he sings, but just saying his delivery of a song is great because it is believable seems like such a huge under statement. 

The final cut is a most appropriate ending for an album of songs from the son of a family of gospel singers. "There Will Be a Better Day" is musically simple and the perfect vehicle to showcase the true strength of Herndon's voice. Kudos to Darrell Brown and Beth Nielsen Chapman for writing such a splendid song and perhaps this song best illustrates what I was trying to say earlier; the key to the amazing caliber and intensity of his voice is simply the ease with which he delivers the lyrics. Like fine wine, some things just improve over time. You can count Ty Herndon among those special things. He has never looked or sounded better in his career than he does now. This is one album you don't want to miss. 

Be sure you check out the CSO audio interview with Ty.

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1. Someday Soon 
2. In The Arms Of The One Who Loves Me 
3. You Still Own Me 
4. Mighty Mighty Love 
5. Right About Now 
6. Love Revival 
7. Hide 
8. Mercy Line 
9. We Are 
10. If I Could Only Have Her Love Back 
11. There Will Be A Better Day 

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Real People Reviews

Hello America,
Wow what a great, as some would say, "Come back album". Every song on this album you can just feel Ty's heart
and soul in it. If you like a singer with a strong vocal range and music you can relate to this album is for you. 
When I see Ty in concert I go back stage and call him the man with the "Golden Throat". listen to the album you'll see.
Enjoy America,
~ RJ - Bowling Green, OH.

A review - you got it! It's wonderful, just like all of Ty's music. I will admit, it took me awhile to warm up to it. I'm not one for change but this Cd shows Ty's range. He's so talented. ( and HOT!!! ) Someday Soon ~ You Still Own Me ~ Mighty, Mighty, Love ~ Love Revival ~ Mercy Line and In The Arms of the One Who Loves Me ~ have me melting all over again. I wasn't sure anything could top songs like No Mercy ~ Steam ~ Hat Full of Rain ~ or I Know How the River Feels, but you did it!!! I'm done for. This is your year Ty ~ live it, own it, and most of all ~ make a memory!!! 
Your VA TY fan 
~ Stacy T. 

I really enjoy the cd Right About Now. Ty looks great and sound amazing. I am glad he is back doing what he loves. 
I like a little gospel with my country. My favorite song is There Will Be A Better Day. No matter what happens in life if you believe and pray there will be a better day. I hope 2007 is a wonderful year for Ty.  It would be nice if Ty came to Baltimore, MD to do some of his new and old songs. 
~ Sharon E. - Baltimore, MD 

I believe that indeed Ty Herndon is at his best on his new record. The opening song, Someday Soon, is incredible. I and other fans in Wisconsin canít wait to see him perform on tour. Ty, please come to Madison! 
~ Jonathan F.

Ty Herndon is and has always been the most talented singer in country music! The album Right About Now is just as beautiful as he is. It is a collection of the most beautiful songs that Ty has ever done....and he has done some beautiful songs. Ty is the real thing no matter what! 
~ Teresa B.

A review of Right About Now, sure I can tell you all about it. Everyone in my household has their own copy and all three of my kids (all are under 9) know every word to every song on it already. We all have our favorites of course. Mine is "Mercy Line", it's got a really cool rhythm, this song alone is worth buying the CD for. My daughter's favorite is "Love Revival" which has a 80's sound to it. My middle son loves "Hide" and my youngest (5 year old Brandon) just loves anything Ty sings, so he knows all the words to every Ty song. Even my husband who is not a country music fan loves Right About Now. "Mighty, Mighty Love" is also one my daughter favorites, oh who am I kidding, they all have the potential to be #1 hits, now I just want to hear them on the radio!
~ Elizabeth S.

Thank you so much for the album review of Right About Now by Cheryl Harvey Hill. On a lot of albums you have to skip over some songs to get to the good ones. Right About Now is a "no skipper" in my book. All of the songs on the album are wonderful. I agree 100% with Cheryl's review. Ty Herndon is looking and sounding better than ever. Right About Now is right on!
~ Diane from Colorado




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