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Alan Jackson - Good Time
Album review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist 

Alan Jackson's new album kicks off with the title cut Good Time but the track that best sums up the entire album is "(You've Got Me) Right Where I Want You." No doubt, as the end of track seventeen nears, this will be exactly what the famously humble, dynamic, laid back, Mr. Jackson will be secretly thinking because he has got to know that he has delivered a homerun with this amazing album. The album IS, from first track to last, definitely a "Good Time." This is not the first time Jackson has had an album debut at the top of the charts and it most likely won't be the last. "Small Town Southern Man," the first single released from the album, will most likely be sitting at the number one position by the time you are reading this.

Like fine wine, his mellow baritone voice simply gets better with age. Ironically, Good Time, Jackson's seventeenth album, also contains seventeen fantastic songs which made it difficult for me to select a favorite track. However, after about the third time I hit the restart button on "I Wish I Could Back Up," I was pretty sure it was one of the songs that was going to rank high in my favorite category, and it is.

Impressed by the quality of the songwriting, I quickly reached for the liner notes to see who the great songwriters were and, much to my delight and surprise, there is only one songwriter for all seventeen songs; none other than the superbly talented Jackson. With his amazing gift of being able to deliver profound wisdom with just a few words, he displays the hallmark of a great songwriter on every song on this album. Another big plus for this album is that Jackson joined forces again with his longtime friend and producer Keith Stegall; they most assuredly are a dynamically talented duo and the end result is a traditional country at its finest.

There are plenty of toe-tappers and great peddle steel riffs throughout the album. Martina McBride fans are sure to enjoy the lighthearted duet, "Never Loved Before" but one of my favorite upbeat tracks is "I Still Like Bologna." This cleverly written tune has just a hint of Bob Wills on the bridge and a lot of lyrics that baby boomers are sure to relate to.

Album, single, entertainer, male vocalist, song, vocal event, music video of the year from the ACM, CMA, TNN, too many times to list here, are merely a few of the awards he has racked up to date and add to that the ASCAP songwriter and song of the year and what do you get? Answer is simple; from this "Small Town Southern Man," who was once a simple "Country Boy," you now have superstar, singer, songwriter extraordinaire, Alan Jackson.

Jackson says that he made this album for his fans; well, he definitely knows what his fans want and he is certain to make many new ones. His writing style is eloquent in its simplicity; straight from his heart to yours and guaranteed to deliver a "Good Time."

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