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Mark Chesnutt - Rollin’ With the Flow

Album Review By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

After disappearing from the country charts for a while, Mark Chesnutt is back with a new album, Rollin’ With the Flow. Chesnutt notes that he has traveled a long road to get to this album, which was released by Lofton Creek Records, but believes it was well worth it. Mike Borchetta had been trying to hunt Chesnutt down for years, and ask him to record an album with him, but it wasn’t until recently that Chesnutt finally did so.

Borchetta worked for Curb and Broken Bow Records before ending up at Lofton Creek. Borchetta was one of the first to hear Chesnutt back in the late 80’s when Joe Ladd took Chesnutt’s CD to labels. He had been trying to sign Chesnutt for years, but to his dismay, Chesnutt signed with other record companies each time. Finally, after signing with Columbia and MCA, Chesnutt ended up meeting Mike in person, and knew from that point on that he could do great things with him. Now, all of that time and all the phone calls Borchetta placed to Ladd have paid off, and Chesnutt has released Rollin’ With the Flow.

Opening with a possible fan favorite, the album includes one typical Chesnutt cut after another. The first tune on the album states that there are only so many “Things To Do In Wichita” when you’re heartbroken. Chesnutt follows that with a few great ballads on the album including “When You Love Her Like Crazy” and the prevailing “When I Get This Close To You.”

The Charlie Rich classic, “Rollin’ With the Flow,” was a number one hit for Rich back in 1977.

“Going On Later On” and “Live To Be 100” are two fun, upbeat toe tappers while “She Never Got Me Over You” is a little slower, but nonetheless strong and meaningful.

In “(Come On In) The Whiskey’s Fine,” everything has gone wrong, but be sure to come on in anyway, there is nothing wrong with the whiskey. “If the Devil Brought You Roses” has a little bit of a Tim McGraw feel to it but “Woman” and “Long Way To Go” are distinctly Chesnutt’s style. Along with the vocals, the steel guitar is mainly what gives each of these songs the characteristic of a Mark Chesnutt song.

“Man In the Mirror,” which depicts the powerful admiration a boy has for his father, is a very well-written song. The lyrics at the beginning of the song pulled me in immediately, and I was pleasantly surprised with the other verses as well as the chorus.

Now I realize just how wise he was
Sometimes without talkin’ he still taught us
His strong hands of justice would end with a hug
He knew nothing was stronger than the power of love.”

This album, as well as the last two released by Chesnutt, was produced by Jimmy Ritchey. “When he comes into the studio, he just sings," he said. "He's one of the classic voices of our generation who continues to bring a 'breath of fresh air' to country radio. I'm honored to work with him.” With four platinum albums, five gold albums and 14 number 1 singles, Chesnutt has created something wonderful for his fans, once again.


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