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Montgomery Gentry - Back When I Knew It All

Album Review By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

While promoting their current album, Back When I Knew It All, and touring across the country, Montgomery Gentry recently performed at LP Field on Wednesday night during the CMA Fest. They performed a few songs including their first single, “Back When I Knew It All,” which is at number 6 at the time of this review. The more I listen to this song, the more I enjoy and appreciate it. The lyrics are clever and really do make the listener reminisce and take the time to think about the past.

Back when the world was flat
And mom and daddy didn’t have a clue
That was back when a pitcher of beer
And a couple of shots made me bulletproof
Back when God was a name I used in vain
To get a point across when I got ticked off
Lord, I’m learnin’ so much more than
Back when I knew it all.

This album opens with “The Big Revival,” a strong, traditional sounding Montgomery Gentry cut with a unique beginning. If most of the songs on this album were played independently, fans would certainly be able to tell they were recorded by this band because of each song’s style. Most of them are strong, proud country songs we are used to hearing from Troy and Eddie.

“I Pick My Parties” and “Long Line of Losers” are mid tempo songs bursting with amusing lyrics. “Long Line of Losers” tells how “I was born with a shot glass in my hand” and “my bloodline made me who I am.”

Grandma, she got drunk and left
All her kids on her momma’s front steps
Nobody’s heard from her since she hightailed”

Terri Clark, David Lee Murphy and Tom Shapiro wrote “I Pick My Parties,” which features vocals by Toby Keith.

Two of my favorites on the album are “It Ain’t About Easy” and a well-written song about appreciating all life has to offer called “One Trip.” The melodies in these two songs as well as the messages they portray are important and straightforward.

Continuing to prove that they aren’t afraid to sing about any subject, Montgomery Gentry included “Now You’re Talkin’,” which describes a man and a woman who find pleasure in each other’s company the first night they meet.

Eddie Montgomery co-wrote two of the tracks on this album, “One In Every Crowd” and “God Knows Who I Am;” the latter was written with Gary Hannan and Phil O’Donnell, two of the co-writers on the album’s first single, “Back When I Knew It All.”

Montgomery Gentry’s style is certainly unique; in fact they’ve included an array of songs on this album that, as already mentioned, would stand out to faithful fans. With a few cuts that were co-written by Eddie, the group has put together a fine compilation of songs that give them one more great album to add to their collection.

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Photographer: Chapman Baehler

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