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Ray Scott - Crazy Like Me
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella - CSO Staff Journalist

Ray Scott says: He's taking the bull by the horns and not only doing this one his way, but on his own label, Jethropolitan Records. He says not to worry, "It’s the same ol’ Ray....without a leash!" The only thing is, you'll have to buy this CD by going to his web-site at: www.rayscott.com  and ordering it or better yet, go out and see him live and get a copy of it there. Cause once you hear his incredibly deep baritone voice and all that enthusiasm in his songs, you'll want to get a copy to plug into your car or home stereo for future listening. This cowboy is going somewhere.

A few years ago Warner Bros. Records released Scott’s debut album, My Kind Of Music, it was on Billboard's Heatseeker's chart and #1 on (CMT's) Country Music Televisions sales chart for 2005. "After a couple of frustrating years dealing with a big record label that was no longer holding up their end of the deal, I'm finally free, and the taste of freedom is sweet!" Go over to his web-site and take a look see and hear all about it from the horses mouth, so-to-speak, on how Scott really feels about the record companies and them dragging their feet. This cowboys not shy about speaking his mind, if you've heard any of his music, you'd know that he wears his feelings not only on his sleeve but in all 10 tracks of this CD. He's calling the shots this time and he's telling some mighty powerful stories on this project. All ten tracks were written by Scott along with longtime friend and co-writer Phillip Moore, whom he calls P-Mo. Kind of tells you a little about this cowboy and his sense of humor.

While on the road promoting his debut album, Scott performed with Legendary Randy Travis, who would often sing Scott's songs that he himself wrote. He says: "To stand there and watch Randy sing a song that I wrote and watch the crowd react to it was really neat. It's fun to sing [songs] myself, but there is something different about watching somebody who's a legend stand up there and do a song of yours. It really makes you feel good." And rightly so, as a song-writer I would think that if you've been doing this for sometime and you finally get someone that is a legend like Travis or even say Haggard, to sing one of your songs, you've pretty much come full circle, don't ya think? And then to get out there and take the bull by the horns and do it all yourself, I'd say you are doing it right. You've got to be proud of yourself Scott.

This CD has some great tunes on it and you can tell that they all had to be just a blast to write and record. But I have to say that "Slow Down" is my very favorite. I don't know about you but I love a slow song to two-step to and this is one that would be awesome for that. Plus it kind of fits with my life right now with how fast life seems to go these days:

I think I need to slow down, take a minute, take a look around, gonna be wishin' I hadn't missed out, if I don't slow down."

Second has to be "U Ain't Takin' This Hard Enuf," Scott says that it's probably the newest song of the bunch. It's a toe tappin' sing along kind of song that I believe women out there are going to love and want to play over and over again and are hoping that the guy out there that they broke up with is feeling this way. The lyrics I liked best are:

I'm the poster boy from misery since we said goodbye and from what I'm hearing hell you ain't even cried."

Every verse is very cute and he ends the song talking (with that deep voice) saying;

"Can I get you to squeeze out one tear.....just one!” ... and laughs.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Scott next month with the Honky Tonk Tailgate Party 08 along with another favorite Trent Willmon. It should be a fantastic show. These two are also teaming up in October along with Wade Hayes, Mark Wills and Jace Everett on Trent's annual Beach Party in Cancun.

To listen to Jim Weaver's Interview with Ray Scott, click the banner above.

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