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Rhonda Vincent - Good Thing Going
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Good Thing Going is Rhonda Vincent's second disc recorded totally in her own "Adventures" studio. In my opinion, recorded and mastered way too loud, it is full of distortion and clipping... it's also filled with some very good music. Most of which is mid-tempo, no real upbeat barnburners. Kind of a pop-type sound over bluegrass instruments. Basically, this is Bryan Sutton again on guitar and Stuart Duncan on fiddle, two of Nashville's best studio musicians. Rhonda's own band "The Rage", plays on a lot of tracks. 

"I Give All My Love To You" - Sang with Russell Moore is a really sweet, rich ballad with a beautiful melody, her brother Darrin adds the third part of a beautiful harmony. A real special song written by Rhonda. Lots of hands on the mixing wheels, produced by Vincent and her brother Darrin, Musical Supervision by her husband, Herb Sandkler, for Upper Management Productions. Recording Engineers - Mike Latterell, Paul Hart, Ricky Cobble, Joey Crawford and Drew Bellman. Mixed by Bill Vorndick, Vincent's old recording engineer.

"I Will See You Again" (Pockstallar) - I love this song, a country bluegrass ballad that is really touching, beautiful harmonies with brother Darrin. Real pretty fiddle by Hunter Berry. Sutton's guitar sounds really good on this track. 

"Just One Of A Kind" (Rambo) - This is a really nice traditional bluegrass song that is clean sounding. The whole song has a real full sound.

"I Gotta Start Somewhere" (Sally, Shaffer) Another great song with sweet bluegrass harmony and real sweet sounding instruments. 

"The Water Is Wide" - This is the best song on the CD, sang with Keith Urban, a very sparse and touching song. Duncan's fiddle is so, so sweet. This belongs on country radio like Allison Krauss and Brad Paisley's "Whiskey Lullaby." Vincent recorded her part and sent the disc to for Urban to add his part, a real winner. 

The CD ends with a song with her band "The Rage" doing a (Vincent) Martha White style tune "Bluegrass Saturday Night," real nice harmony.

Rhonda is a road warrior, on the road almost constantly with her band, check out Ragin' Live with her husband as manager and brother as co-producer and harmonies, they do have a good thing going. Her fan base is large, loyal and loves everything that she does. Don't take my word for it, read her messageboard sometime

I think that Vincent really is as talented as Alison Krauss, but Krauss walks on the fringe, not afraid to try something new like her T-bone Burnette produced Raisin' Sand with Robert Plant, 2007's masterpiece of a recording. 

My favorite Vincent studio album is still One Step Ahead, recorded by Vorndick and mastered by Hank Williams (no relation). It just had a great groove going with lots of help and great songs that she still performs. There's no doubt that Vincent fans will love this one too.

Release Date - 1-8-08 

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