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Rissi Palmer - Self-Titled Debut CD
Album Review By: Jim Weaver, CSO Editor In Chief

I hate to say "I told you so"... wait a minute, no I don't! 

I told you so! (Insert Maniacal Laugh Here)

Rissi Palmer is a star, and she more than proves it in her self-titled debut album release. Twelve songs, eight of which are co-written by Palmer. That guitar isn't there for looks, she knows what to do with it.

OK, technically she's not a star yet, but Palmer has made great strides this past year in moving that-a-way. In my beginning of 2007 article titled "On The Verge," I pointed out that "whatever barriers have been in her way toward success in country music, they need to be ripped away so she can take center stage where she belongs". 2007 was the year that really began that process with her. Anyone in Nashville can tell you there's "virtually" no such thing as an overnight success, most every artist has to slog their way to a big label deal before big things start to happen. Thanks to the Internet that's changing and Palmer is living proof.

Palmer's debut CD was released late in October but due to a mixup, we didn't receive our review copy until December. I mention this to apologize to our readers and Rissi's fans for being so late. On the other hand, it's a great way to kick off the new year with a great new artist that you need to hear, if you haven't yet.

What a pure and sweet country voice Palmer has, I received a pair of those fancy noise-canceling headphones for Christmas, so who was my first choice to listen to with them... you guessed it. It's amazing what you can hear when the background noise is utterly gone. This may not be a good thing for some, but for Rissi, it simply enhanced my listening experience, and reinforced my love for her voice and music overall.

The first single released to radio was "Country Girl", an upbeat and fun song which she co-wrote and performs extremely well, it wouldn't have been my choice were it mine to make though. It's like someone at the label was trying to prove she was country, when all you have to do is listen and you can hear it. Palmer's real strength is in the emotion she bleeds into her performance of ballads like "Hold On To Me", "Anybody Out There," "Hurt Don't Know When To Quit" and "Love You Like A Woman".

Palmer appeared on the Grand Ole Opry at least twice this past year, has done tons of radio interviews and if I have my way will be interviewed here soon as well. The video for "Country Girl" has been featured on CMT and GAC, she's gotten some pretty good airplay from country radio and been featured in Starbucks stores. This is a talent that country radio needs to be paying a lot more attention to and playing and you need to be buying, in my humble opinion. (Big Grin)

Keep going Rissi, your time for stardom is almost here.

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