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The Road Hammers - Blood Sweat & Steel
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

The Road Hammers, Canada’s diesel dusted and fuel injected rockers, are back. For those who remember, it must be a couple of years back, they unleashed their grade of musical high octane on an imported self-titled release. Now with a goodly dose of tracks from that album, 10 in fact, plus another three petrol whiffed cuts, the band has just released Blood Sweat & Steel their official debut to American fans.

If you like your country loud, pounded and ready to rumble, lock-on to these guys. With tunes made for the open road and the top down, Jason McCoy, who holds the envied position of being a solo star with a greatest hits package as well being the Hammer front man, leads the band. But anything than a one man show, the band -- Clayton Bellamy, Chris Byrne and Corbett Frasz -- pump and jam hard with a driving rock and country blend worthy of the awards and fame following these CMT reality show stars.

The new three Blood Sweat & Steel cuts, “Workin’ Hard At Lovin’ You”, “I Don’t Know When to Quit,” and the mellow tale of fast livin’ and hard knocks, “I’ve Got The Scars To Prove It,” are all perfect bookends to the other fan familiar fare. “I’m A Road Hammer, a popular anthem for truckers and die-hard fans, Little Feat’s “Willin’,” Jerry Reed’s “East Bound And Down,” along with the ’65 chart breaker for Del Reeves, “Girl On The Billboard,” along with a host of pounded rockers all fuel an intense and fun album.

Here at CSO, we reckon these turbo-charged rockers are gearing’ up for their best year to date. With not a bum note, not a dud in the pack, and with a style that grabs and doesn’t let go, The Road Hammers deliver their freight on time without any need for wasted stops en-route.

A double thumbs-up album.

It’s out now on the Montage label.

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To order your copy, click here!

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