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Sarah Johns  
Big Love In A Small Town 

By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist  

Sarah Johns is a young lady from a very small town in Kentucky with incredible talent, great looks and a can do attitude.  It is an award winning recipe for success.  She's signed to the BNA record label and her single, "He Hates Me," is currently being added to stations all around the country.  Her talent and unshakable work ethic got the attention of the right people and she was invited to join George Strait's 2008 tour.  If the track record holds true from past up and comers that have been a part of the Strait tour, it seems to  indicate we'll be hearing a lot of wonderful things in the future from Johns.

What I found really refreshing about this album was simply the pure enjoyment you can hear in Johns' voice.  She isn't just singing the lyrics; she is living the music and having fun while she does.  It also came as no surprise to find her name as a co-writer on several of the songs, including one of my favorites.  "Muddy Water" is a great song about faith and handing yourself over to a greater power with no reservations.  Being from a very small town myself, "Big Love In A Small Town," really hit home with me.  Life is so much simpler in a small town and the lyrics that say she is happy raisin' beans and babies isn't far off.  Just to show she has a sense of humor, she has her current single, "He Hates Me."  That song makes me laugh every time I hear it.  It sounds reasonable enough while she talks of falling in love and having his babies, and then she says, "Except he hates me."  She seems to have just a minor little glitch on the road to bliss.  

Each song on the album is well chosen and I didn't encounter anything I would consider filler or fluff.  She seems to take her career very seriously. The music has a very traditional country feel and she is setting the standards high for future releases with her debut effort.  This album is holding its own among my other albums as a frequently listened to CD.  There is just something about her voice that leaves you wanting more.

Label:  BNA

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