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Toby Keith - That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy

Album review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist 

On That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy, his fourteenth studio album, Toby (still proving his way is the best way) Keith, demonstrates his songwriting skills are on par with his vocal acuity. Once again he serves up eleven tracks that are cut right from your every day life and delivers the lyrics with so much sincerity that you know, without a doubt, he is singing from his heart. 

The album kicks off with the title cut; a rowdy, rockin’, quick steppin’, boogie that is a typical feel good Toby tune. The first three tracks maintain a high energy and feature some fantastic instrumental riffs that will make it impossible to stay seated and then “Lost You Anyway” resonates from the speakers. As that familiar vocal tremor, that is uniquely Toby Keith, reaches your ears, you feel yourself being swept away by the heartfelt lyrics and genuine emotion in his voice. This cut is pure country perfection.

Missing Me Some You,” the only song on the album written solely by Keith, is an incredibly soulful and truly bluesy composition with sweet and simple lyrics and the instrumentals on this cut are absolutely superb. I had read that this song was inspired by a conversation Keith had with a soldier he met while entertaining our troops in Afghanistan so, as a military spouse, I was eager to hear it and I wasn’t disappointed. The song is a tender proclamation that illustrates the genuine empathy Keith shares with our soldiers and you can’t possibly sing with that much emotion if your heart isn’t full of sincere feeling and true compassion.  

Of the remaining ten tracks on this album, Eddie Raven co-wrote on “Cabo San Lucas” and another award winning songwriter, Vicky McGeHee, was Keith’s co-writer on “God Love Her.” The remaining eight tracks were co-written by Keith and the award winning singer and songwriter Bobby Pinson. Pinson’s bio states that “his songs are colored with wit, stained with whiskey and framed with hard won ‘wisdom by default.’” This is clearly a profile that is recognized and respected in the Keith camp and That Don’t Make [Toby] a Bad Guy, that makes him the successful all around entertainer that he is.

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