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David Nail - I'm About To Come Alive
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

After several colleges approached him about playing on their baseball teams, it was like a switch flipped in Nail’s head. He decided to visit Nashville and see what opportunities would arise for him. He earned a record deal with Mercury Records in 2002, but lost it shortly after. Luckily, he did not let it discourage him too much. Just like everyone else in the music business, he knew that if anything was going to help him get another deal, persistence was the key.

In 2007, Nail landed a deal with another division of Universal Music Group, MCA. Two years later, he recorded a phenomenal album with strong lyrics, easy-going melodies and overall enjoyable songs, which he decided to call I’m About To Come Alive.

The title track was originally recorded, but never released as a single, by Train. It has been a favorite of Nail’s for quite some time and has become a song that is associated with him. He has been singing it at shows for about five or six years, although admits that he never imagined having the opportunity to include it on an album.

Following the title track and the first single, “Red Light,” this album portrays Nail’s way of deep thinking through its strong lyrics. He co-wrote “Clouds,” and penned “Missouri” on his own.

Not only did Nail include songs which he had written, but some credible artists, who may sound familiar, wrote the others. “Turning Home,” was co-written by Kenny Chesney, and “Summer Job Days” was penned by Rascal Flatts’ lead singer, Gary LeVox.

Contributing to the great lyrics was Miranda Lambert’s harmony on “Strangers On a Train,” a song about wanting what you can’t have. Two great songwriters, Scooter Carusoe and Aimee Mayo co-wrote this one. Mayo proved her credibility when she penned Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s duet, “Let’s Make Love.”

Although Nail’s album is full of songs about relationship troubles, lost love and reflecting on the past, it is certainly enjoyable. It is a great CD to play on a long road trip. It never gets old!

This album could be a favorite for anyone, even those who do not regularly listen to country music. Nail has certainly established himself as an artist with this one. He came back strong after losing his first record deal, and knew that he had to prove himself. He has certainly done that with his strong vocals, and of course by choosing a collection of songs that fit perfectly together on one album.

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