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Dierks Bentley - Feel That Fire
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

When I saw Dierks Bentley for the first time at Joe’s Bar in Chicago, Illinois, it was a show unlike anything I had ever witnessed before. The years of performing on Second Avenue in Nashville must have inspired Bentley to learn that in order to succeed, an entertainer must put everything they have into their stage show. Bentley creates music that people are drawn to, and then connects with his fans out on the road. Feel That Fire is a perfect example of this, since it is what Bentley has worked hard to create over the past two years.

Bentley has included a balanced mix of ballads and uptempo songs on this album, most of which he co-wrote with Jim and Brett Beavers, Tony Martin and several others. Two songs that stand out on the album are “Sideways” and “Life On the Run.” These both happen to be great ways for Bentley to show off his laid back and fun style to which his fans have always been drawn. The beginning of “Life On the Run,” which is coincidentally the beginning of the album as well, starts off powerfully with the sound of a revving engine.

The strongest ballad on the album, “Pray,” is extremely strong lyrically. After experiencing a break-up, it is not always easy to wish happiness on the other person. However, in this song, the message suggests exactly that.

“Though we don’t see eye to eye
And a wind’s begun to blow
I’m gonna love you till I die”

“Better Believer,” written by Rivers Rutherford and Dierks Bentley, is my favorite track on the album due to the catchy melody and the unique overall idea. “Little Heartwrecker” and “Here She Comes” are also notably strong since they have the typical throw-you-back-in-your-seat, Dierks Bentley feel to them.

Considering the importance of variety, “Beautiful World” is completed by a nice inclusion of Patty Griffin’s voice. Bentley didn’t forget to include something for his female fans, either. His voice stands out on “I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes,” a well-written song about being in love. I am sure that Bentley surely gains attention from fans at shows when he performs “You Hold Me Together” and the Spanish-sounding “I Can’t Forget Her.”

The final song on the album, “Last Call,” which Bentley recorded with Ronnie McCoury & Friends, is exactly the opposite of “Pray.” The song ends by basically saying “I shouldn’t be doing this, but since she’s on my mind and I can’t have her, I am going to do it anyway.”

Although I have always been a fan of Bentley’s music, I believe he has come a long way since he began. Feel This Fire has already been a success for Bentley. As soon as it was released, “Feel That Fire” climbed the charts, and whichever song he chooses to release next will surely do the same. Bentley has created an image for himself and stuck with it, while stretching it just enough to keep old fans interested and attract the new ones. Do yourself a favor; go out and pick up a copy of Feel This Fire.

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