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Kellie Pickler - Self-Titled CD
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

When Kellie Pickler recorded her first album, Small Town Girl, she said it was a blur. She recorded it while traveling with the American Idol Tour, often having to learn the songs just hours before the recording sessions. Pickler wrote a few of the songs on that album, including the heartfelt song “I Wonder,” which digs deep into Pickler’s difficult past, and “Red High Heels,” an upbeat song that deservingly frequented the country charts.

On her sophomore, self-titled album, Pickler co-wrote “Rocks Instead of Rice” with Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins, who wrote “Before He Cheats,” recorded by Carrie Underwood. “Best Days Of Your Life,” written with her close friend Taylor Swift, is another revengeful song, which began to come together when Pickler was venting to Swift about a break-up situation. Swift told her to hold on, and that whether Pickler knew it or not, she was writing a song as she spoke.

On the night of November 7th, 2007, at the 41st CMA Awards, Pickler broke down on stage while singing “I Wonder.” After the show, she sent an email to fellow songwriter friend, Aimee Mayo, as a cry for help. Even though it was 3 am, she received a reply from Mayo, saying that something Pickler had said in her email, “[I just want] Someone To Love Me,” was a song title that they needed to use. It’s a song that helped Pickler heal from all the hurt she has been through in the past. At the time she wrote the email, she had a lot on her mind, and needed to be reminded of how far she had come. Thus, this song came together when she returned from Iraq; she wrote it with Mayo and Chris Lindsey.

“One Last Time,” which was also written later the same day, is a beautiful slow song with inspiring lyrics, which may be helpful for those who have been through a big fight with a loved one.

“Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You,” “I’m Your Woman” and “Makin’ Me Fall In Love Again,” although not penned by Pickler, all describe her life. “Lucky Girl” has a captivating charm to it; the way Pickler uses her voice at the beginning will suck the listener in. Overall, Pickler admits that she had a difficult time narrowing down the songs for this album, and she seems to have done a wonderful job.

“The whole record is balanced—there’s heartbreak, revenge, in love and happy, empowerment, and sassy songs,” Pickler said. “This record is an update of where I’ve been, emotionally, mentally and physically, in the two years since my first album.”

The youthful beginning to “Going Out In Style,” the last song on the album, starts out slow, but quickly picks up and has a fun, cheery sound to it. Pickler’s album definitely “goes out in style.”

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