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Martina McBride - Shine
By: Jim Weaver Editor-in-Chief

Martina McBride has released yet another in a long-line of vocally amazing albums, this one titled Shine. Let there be no illusions here, the lovely and talented McBride will most likely never get a bad review from me. I think her talent out-"shines" most female vocalists... period, and this CD is no exception. No she's not the latest rising star, but if you look back over McBride's career and incredible catalog of hits, there's no denying that she is still one of the top five most gifted singers in Nashville.

Record execs in Music City, like most other genres of music, are always looking for the latest, brightest, shiniest new artists to hold up and proclaim, "we found this one first"! In that rush of trying to locate their next money-making prodigy, they appear to forget about the artists that got them where they are, McBride has been cranking out chart-toppers for over 17 years and if you listen to Shine, I think you'll agree there's a bunch of potential hits here, already proven by her first radio release from this CD, "Ride".

I love the versatility of this Shine, from the elegant simplicity of songs like "Wild Rebel Rose" and "I'm Trying", to feel good tunes like "Don't Cost A Dime" and "Sunny Side Up," and don't forget the thought provoking "Lies". Overall you'll find eleven well crafted songs engineered by hubby John McBride at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, and co-produced by Dan Huff and Martina McBride.

If you are looking for a CD to add to your collection of "anytime listenable albums," you can't go wrong with a Martina McBride CD. There's no hiding this kind of talent under a bushel, so belt it out Martina, me and the rest of your fans are always looking forward to hearing you Shine.


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