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Flynnville Train - Redemption
By: Jim Weaver, CSO Editor-in-Chief

I love these guys! Nuff Said... no wait, the page will look funny with no words on it so I better elaborate a bit. I had an opportunity, through my friend Cody McCarver, to meet the guys of Flynnville Train and hear them perform live two years ago at  Fan Fair in Nashville. Amazing, talented, down to earth musicians and singers, can only begin to describe this band from Middletown, Indiana. They, and their music, were still very new to me at that time, but it didn't take long for me to become a fan. Flynnville Train is: Brian Flynn (lead vocals), Brent Flynn (lead guitar, vocals), Damon Michael (Bass), Tommy Bales (Drums).

Flynnville Train's latest CD is titled Redemption, although I must admit I'm not sure where the titled comes from. So far I don't see anything these guy need to be redeemed of. Like their first self-titled CD,  this is full-throttle music with no fillers. Lead Singer Brian Flynn says; “Much of the album we recorded on first take and that reinforces the emotion, the translation of our hearts in each song.”  It also solidifies the fact that bands that kick-ass live should be able to kick-ass in the studio as well, and FT does.

The first official single from the new CD is at radio now, and you should be requesting "Preachin' To The Choir". This is one of those blue-collar band relates big time to blue-collar fans, songs. Great message, great song. And yes, CSO Radio is already playing it.

I love the cover of 70's group America's "Sandman," fantastic rendition. Other stand-out tunage on Redemption include "Home", "Friend Of Sinners", "Tip A Can" and "Scratch Me Where I'm Itchin'".

Another song worth a little extra mention here is "Alright" featuring some vocals from former Georgia Satellites lead singer Dan Baird... fun song! For editorial sake I won't mention every song, but suffice to say I didn't find a stinker on the CD.

Flynnville Train is the modern incarnation of the music I grew up with, a cross between Willie & Waylon and Lynyrd Skynyrd, George Jones and ZZ Top, Alabama and .38 Special... I think you get the idea.

Redemption is in stores today, 6/15/2010. By the way, if you ever get a chance to see FT live, don't miss it. Oh and be sure you request "Red-Neckid", just trust me. So get to the station and get on board for your Indiana country/rock indoctrination, cause this Train's-a-rollin' and you don't want to get left behind.

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