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Josh Turner - Haywire
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

Josh Turner began choosing songs for Haywire, his fourth studio album, months before he began recording. While Turner had “Why Don’t We Just Dance” on hold with the publisher, someone else showed interest; therefore, he had to record it or he knew he may eventually have to give it up and move on.

“We felt like we couldn’t lose that one,” Turner said. “It’s a strong song and something that I could have a lot of fun with vocally. I felt it would be a great center point for the record. It is positive and a love song and you can dance to it. Nowadays, that’s a good formula.”

Written by Jim Beavers, Jonathan Singleton and Darrell Brown, “Why Don’t We Just Dance” was the first song they chose for the album, as well as the first single. It quickly went to #1 on the charts; This album already appears to be taking the path to success.

Turner included a few romantic songs on this album. “I Wouldn’t Be A Man” and “Lovin’ You On My Mind” will both create high excitement for his female fans. Between his deep voice and the provocative lyrics, they are sure to count these two as favorites. Turner received “I Wouldn’t Be a Man” the morning before he went in the studio. “It just made me feel good. It was the first song I heard that morning.” He knew he had to include it on the record.

Continuing to show the range of his voice, Turner co-wrote “As Fast as I Could,” a fun love song to which a lot of people can relate. “We had a great time writing the lyrical part of that song,” he said. “It was just a guy that was really confident about who he was and about what he could offer this woman. He was basically telling her ‘hey, I’m the one. I got here as fast as I could.”

“I’ll Be There” is an adorable song written from the point of view of a father, looking down on his children. Turner has two boys, who I am sure will appreciate this song when they are older.

“If you need a frown turned to a grin/
Or you need a hand just to hold your hand/
Need a daddy or you just need a friend/
I’ll be there”

“Haywire,” which Turner wrote on his own, is a fun love song with quick, catchy lyrics. He shows his playful, fun side with this one as well as on “Eye Candy” and “Your Smile.”

Turner co-wrote two more incredible songs, “The Answer” and “Friday Paycheck,” with Mark Narmore, one of Nashville’s finest songwriters (“that’s What I Love About Sunday” and “If That Chair Could Talk”).

‘”Haywire,’ musically, has gone leaps and bounds above what I’ve done so far,” Turner said. “I feel like, song for song, it’s one of my strongest records. I feel like when the listener goes out and buys this record, they’re going to hear my heart.”

Although Turner admits to putting this album together quickly, he believes that the quality is still impeccable. He says that his vocal range was showcased on this album, and I agree. These songs are positive. They are fun. They involve love and happiness. Produced by Frank Rogers, each song on the album is an important puzzle piece to the complete project; they all fit together perfectly.

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