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Randy Houser - They Call Me Cadillac
By Connie Breeden - CSO Staff Journalist
Photos by: Danny Clinch

Randy Houser is the half hippie, half redneck, son of the south, he sings about in the song "Whistling Dixie." If your not from the south, his alluring voice, playful demeanor, and let's rock attitude, will have you wishing you were.

This native of Mississippi is sure to have another hit on his hands with "They Call Me Cadillac." This is one of those songs you just can't listen to once. I found myself hitting repeat at least a half a dozen times.

If you enjoy a good waltz, then your sure to like my favorite from this album, "If I Could Buy Me Some Time."

Lately the worlds spinning way to fast / the bad's catchin' on / and the good times don't last / somehow it seems like / we've all left livin' behind / oh but I'd never die / if I could buy me some time.

As I listened to "Lead Me Home," I really was. I found myself sitting right beside my Mom in the second pew from the front. By the end of this song, I was uplifted, invigorated, and ready to tackle the world. After all, I now had God on my side.

Much to my delight Lee Ann Womack joins Houser on the cleverly written, "I'm Addicted." This was a track I could easily relate to since my addiction to the talented Ms. Womack began the first time I heard "Never Again, Again." Perhaps there should be a warning label on this track. Houser and Womack are a dynamic combination; one that could easily cause you to become addicted.

Like every great singer/songwriter, Houser gives us just a glimpse into his own life as he sings "Low Down and Lonesome," "A Man Like Me," "Will I Always Be This Way," "Out Here in the Country," "Here With Me," but most revealing just might be "Somewhere South of Memphis"

"Where cotton grows / from the Mississippi mud / and the blues runs deep in your blood / I love this land / With God as my witness / I'll live and die / Somewhere south of Memphis"



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