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Interview with Guy Penrod
by: Jim Moulton - CSO Staff Journalist

JM: Guy, Country Music introduced me to you, then I started watching the Gaither's shows featuring you, Bill Gaither has a great cluster of musicians,  but your strong vocals impressed me and showed me another side of your singing style which was a different kind of powerful, what made you decide to get into the country genre?

GP: Thanks Jim for the opportunity to share with you what is going on with me.  
I grew up listening to all kinds of music and fell in love with most of the formats.  Gospel has always been a real love for obvious reasons.  My dad being a preacher and having grown up in Church, I was exposed to a lot of great gospel music and being a follower of Jesus I love The Gospel (Good News) of Jesus and His ways.  I also grew up listening to a lot of Country Music and love its format of telling stories to communicate life lessons, challenges and joys.  After singing gospel music with The Gaither Vocal Band for 14 years I wanted to take the truths my wife Angie and I try to live by (found in The Bible) and wrap it in everyday language and offer it to a larger marketplace, hoping it would be of benefit to those who listen to it.  I believe there is a God and that He cares for us and gave us His Word in the form of the Bible and that it has all of the answers for living life in its pages.  Sort of like the manual for the human body.  So with that as my motive, I made a Country record with a collection of songs that deal with different aspects of living, from a Biblical worldview, wrapped in pleasing Country music.

JM: I saw a TV Special with someone interviewing you on your farm with your large family, you live the country life that you sing about, one of many great things about country music, Christianity and Faith are welcome there, did any country artist sort of inspire you ?

GP: I have had many musical influences throughout my life.  In the country field I have enjoyed the voices of Ray Price, Marty Robbins, Charlie Pride (some of the older voices) along with George Strait, Alan Jackson (classic country approach), The Oak Ridge Boys ,The Statlers, Diamond Rio (all for their harmonies) and in content Paul Overstreet, Randy Travis, Kris Kristofferson ("Why Me Lord") and many others for various Faith (moral), Family and Country (National, pro USA) artists and messages.

JM: Brent Rowan is one of the best Nashville producers, in my opinion, plus a great guitarist. Your album to me has the classic 90's country sound when country still had lots of pedal steel and chicken picker guitarists. I love the guitar playing and music on your CD. Was the album fun to make? I have always enjoyed recording, you have a great selection of songs. The title track "Breathe Deep" is a song I love and is inspiring.

GP: The album was a blast to make. I too share your love for Brent and his gifted abilities.  He is a pleasure to work with.  "Breathe Deep" is indeed a profound song written by two of my good friends Tony Wood & Don Poythress.  It is the old story "stop and smell the roses."  I believe that our relationships and memories created within them is all we can take with us when we leave here (Earth) and that, as St. Francis of Assisi said, "we are much less human beings who have spiritual experiences than we are spirit beings having a very temporary human experience".  This song says it well.

JM: Have you toured to promote your new music? 

GP: Yes I have.  We did 85 concerts in 2010 and are on track to do about the same for 2011.  The crowds have been wonderful and folks seem to be loving the music.

JM. "The Lord Is The Maker Of Them All" is a beautiful song, did it take long to pick the songs for this album?

GP: I agree "The Lord Is The Maker Of Them All" is a great song.  I've found that this younger generation isn't as familiar with the truth of creation and this song reminds us of that in a special way.  There are actually a lot of great country writers who are writing songs that are out of their strong faith in God and his ways so the songs came rather quickly.

JM: Guy, I hope that you continue making this new brand of music, your first "country" album, in my opinion, is a masterpiece, full of inspirational Christian songs and great country music. In today's world, this country needs more singers who will share the Christian message. 

GP: Thanks for your support and yes I will continue to share my faith in this way.
God Bless you Jim.

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