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Aaron Lines - Living Out Loud
Artist Profile and Website Review by Jim Weaver

One would think that true country music would have to come from the Southern United States but time and time again new artists drop down all the way from Canada to try their hand in Nashville and more of them are succeeding every year. Take this new guy... Aaron Lines and his US debut single "You Can't Hide Beautiful"... while it's a little on the fluffy side for my tastes I know the gals just love it. In fact they love it so much he has his first Top 10 hit with it and it's still rising. As for the rest of his US debut CD Living Out Loud  it's pretty darn good. Aaron is part of the new generation of country artists that I guess we could call "country-light". He's not a big twanger (who is anymore) but he is very talented... in fact he's co-written 8 of the 11 songs on the new CD. Overall it's an upbeat album and I enjoyed it.
Rating: Try It!

Website Review:
Thank goodness... two in a row that are not big old monster FLASH sites! Aaron's site is well designed and looks good although it's a little low on content. You won't find any downloads like pictures or screensavers, no greeting cards to send to friends, no fan pics, things like that. No forum or chat room and the tour page is way out of date. Overall it's a nice site, it just needs more.

Rating: Not bad, could be better.

Please visit Aaron's website for yourself and rate it below.


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