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Alan Jackson - Greatest Hits Volume II
CD Review by Jim Weaver

CD Review:
There aren't many that can make this claim... "I have 30 #1 Hit Songs", Alan Jackson can! His 30th, a duet with Jimmy Buffett titled "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere",  came as the first new release from his Greatest Hits Volume II CD... in stores this week.

There are only a few select artists in Nashville these days that can command the title of "Country Superstar" and Alan Jackson is arguably at the very top of that list. And for a very good reason; solid, consistent, great country songs. Songs made with steel, fiddles, acoustic and electric guitars... the real stuff! No drum machines or re-mixes for other radio formats, just country music, true to the art form. Simply the way it ought to be.

What a deal this two-disc set is, not only do you get two new songs including the duet with Jimmy and another song titled "Remember When", but you get also get 16 other songs from the albums Everything I Love, High Mileage, Under The Influence, When Somebody Loves You and Drive. Plus on disc 2, Alan selected 8 of his favorite album cuts from his complete catalogue to round out this set. That's a total of 26 Alan Jackson songs for about the price of one new CD. Can you say bargain!

Alan Jakson - Greatest Hits Volume II: Disc 1 track list:

1. Little Bitty 
2. Everything I Love 
3. Who's Cheatin' Who 
4. There Goes 
5. I'll Go On Loving You 
6. Right On The Money 
7. Gone Crazy 
8. Little Man 
9. Pop A Top 
10. The Blues Man 

11. It Must Be Love 
12. www.memory 
13. When Somebody Loves You 
14. Where I Come From 
15. Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) 
16. Drive (For Daddy Gene) 
17. It's Five O' Clock Somewhere 
18. Remember When 

Alan Jakson - Greatest Hits Volume II: Disc 2 track list:

1. Job Description 
2. Tropical Depression 
3. Let's Get Back To Me and You 
4. You Can't Give Up On Love 
5. Hole In The Wall 
6. Buicks to the Moon 
7. When Love Comes Around 
8. The Sounds

Rating: Hello... it's Alan, Buy It Now!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Alan has always had a nice looking site that doesn't use FLASH so it loads nice and fast even for dial-up web surfers, but it is a little lacking in an area or two. I think it should have a "photos page" and a "links page". Yes the links page is self serving but the photos page is something that all Alan fans can agree on. They would all like to see more of Alan on the road, at work, at play, with fans, concert shots, etc. The only real complaint I had was it used to be a "Singing Site", but they changed that so never mind.

Rating: Good Job!

Please visit the
website for yourself.


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