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Alan Jackson - What I Do 
Arista Records 
Album Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill 
Photo Credit Russ Harrington

I'm going to be totally honest and admit, up front, that I cannot be objective when it comes to reviewing an Alan Jackson album. I'm sorry but, without apologies to anyone, all of my journalistic objectivity goes right out the window when you mention Jackson . I know before I even put this CD in my player that I am going to only have one problem with it and that will be deciding which song I like best.

In my opinion, Alan Jackson personifies country music in it's purest, finest, most endearing, emotional, simple, basic, "it don't get any better than this" form. The fact that he IS the reigning CMA Entertainer/Male Vocalist of the Year and, once again, is nominated for this years CMA awards in the same two categories plus five more, is proof that I'm not the only one who feels this way about him.

Jackson graduated to legend status several albums ago and yet shows no signs of easing up on the number of chart-toppers he can produce. Ironically, despite his immense talent, handsome good looks and a long and impressive list of number one hits and other awards, he is extremely humble. In an interview with CMT (on September 3, 2004 ) he said, "I'm just a singer-songwriter, more or less, and that's a form of entertainment, I guess." Yep, he actually said, "more or less, I guess." But come on now, what about the familiar 'good guy' white hat and trade-mark torn jeans, does he really think they would look the same on someone else? We, those who have been watching him for the past fifteen years or so, know better. We also know that his songwriting skills are above par. The five songs he wrote for this album are ongoing proof of that. And as for being "just a singer," well ... thank God for the simple things in life. 

If you aren't already a fan of Jackson 's, you will be by the end of this album. And for all of you who have been there from the start, you won't be disappointed. Jackson 's voice still warms you like your Granny's favorite ole afghan and to balance out the ballads and make you smile; he interjects some humor and a couple of easy-gliding two-steppers. You don't have to be a songwriter or aspiring artist to get a chuckle from "The Talkin' Song Repair Blues," while guest artist Patty Loveless harmonizes beautifully with Jackson on "Monday Morning Church" and you will easily be able to tell where Richard Sterban, of the Oak Ridge Boys, chimes in on "Burning The Honky Tonk Down."

Not surprisingly, "Too Much of a Good Thing," the first single from What I Do has already taken a secure hold on the top of the charts. The chorus goes, "And too much of a good thing is a good thing -- And we've got a good thing going on." This is exactly how Jackson 's fans feel and I should know since I count myself among them.

He debuted the final song on the album, "To Do What I Do," at last year’s Flameworthy Awards show. This song, about how a singer feels about being able to sing for a living, was recorded live so all that audience cheering you hear on this track is authentic.

The last line of this song is, "And I thank you, I can do what I do." All I have to say to that is, Mr. Jackson, you aren't the only one who is thankful that you do what you do.

Rating: BUY IT!

Alan Jackson - What I Do track list: 

01 Too Much of a Good Thing 
02 Rainy Day in June 
03 USA Today 
04 If Love Was a River 
05 If French Fries Were Fat Free 
06 You Don't Have to Paint Me a Picture
07 There Ya Go 
08 The Talkin' Song Repair Blues 
09 Strong Enough 
10 Monday Morning Church 
11 Burnin' the Honky Tonks Down 
12 To Do What I Do 

Website Review by Jim Weaver:

"Well" designed?... "well" DUH! We are talking about Alan Jackson here you know. I think the site uses a little too much FLASH and is surely going to load slowly for those without a broadband connection, but it all looks so good when it's done. It would be nice if Alan would offer an HTML site for his slower-connecting fans. There is a members only section of the site and since I'm not a member I don't know what all is available there, but what's available to the average Joe (or Jim in my case) is adequate. I know fans are going to want more pictures though, especially of fans with Alan. Overall it's a great looking site that's going to load slow for a lot of fans. Go see for yourself right now... www.AlanJackson.com.

Rating:   Looks Good!!  

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Real People Reviews

I heard the song "Monday Morning Church" shortly after my son died, he was 28. I had the same feelings as he sang about trying to understand it all. We are originally from GA. My son was still living in Roswell at the time of his death. I love the song and still cry when I hear it. Keep up the good work. From a fan in North Carolina. Thanks so much.
Lynn Hawkins formally from Trion, GA.

Alan Jackson is one of the great artists, another George Jones and What I Do is an awesome CD. Every song is a hit, I give it 10 stars for the best CD I ever bought. Alan Jackson is a real country singer What I Do is gold. 
Keep it country,
Justin McCreary

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