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Andy Griggs - This I Gotta See
RCA Records
Album Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill 
Photo Credit: Pamela Springsteen 

For his third RCA album, This I Gotta See, Andy Griggs solicited the expertise of Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer Randy Scruggs to aid him in taking his music to a new dimension. He wanted to incorporate the "grit and integrity" that he admires in Scruggs, into a radio friendly album with punch and depth. He said that he was fishing for "a certain sound," one that would embrace a broader audience.

Griggs wanted this album to replicate the high energy of his live performances. He also wanted the album to be a more accurate reflection of his own diverse musical preferences and background. To that end, in addition to the emotional ballads that brought him his initial fame, he has spiced up his sound by including "I Never Had A Chance" and "No Mississippi," which has Delbert McClinton and Bekka Bramlett joining him on vocals. These rockin', bluesy tunes were, no doubt, influenced by his Louisiana heritage. 

The influences of his "Haggard" youth can be heard on "Why Do I Still Want You" and the other from-the-heart ballads while his gospel roots sprout on "If Heaven." Bluegrass banjo and rhythm drive "My Kind Of Beautiful" and plain ole yee-haw fun and fiddle delivers "Hillbilly Band."

Although his intent on this album was, to borrow a popular phrase, kick it up a notch, he has still included plenty of the tender songs that endeared him to country music fans in the first place. "My Kind Of Beautiful" and "She Thinks She Needs Me" are on par with his mega hit, "She's More" and certain to please his female fans while "Be Still" and "Why Do I Still Want You" will satisfy all romantics.

Over all, Griggs has said that he feels he has finally found the sound he has been searching for. If the initial reaction of his fans is an accurate gage, they totally agree. "She Thinks She Needs Me" is already a top ten hit.

Rating: BUY IT!

Andy Griggs - This I Gotta See track list: 

1 This I Gotta See 
2 My Kind Of Beautiful 
3 She Thinks She Needs Me 
4 Careful Where You Kiss Me 
5 Be Still 
6 I Never Had A Chance 
7 Hillbilly Band 
8 Why Do I Still Want You 
9 Long Enough 
10 If Heaven 
11 No Mississippi 

Website Review by Jim Weaver: 
If you have read many of my website reviews you know I love the work they do at www.MusicCityNet.Net, they have a very impressive client list and they have earned every one of them because they do great sites. Andy's site is no exception really, great content, looks good, easy to navigate, I just have one question... why is the header so huge? I know I'm being technical and picky but that's my job. If you're viewing this site in an 800x600 screen resolution the header takes up over half the page. It's just a really large FLASH file that doesn't do much but take up space. Other than that, Andy Griggs has a real nice, fan-friendly site.  Go see for yourself right now...

Rating:   Looks Good!!

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