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Big & Rich - Horse Of A Different Color (Warner Bros. Nashville)
CD Review by Jim Weaver

There are so many words one can use to describe the music of Big Kenny and John Rich on their debut CD Horse Of A Different Color... words like Bizarre, Odd, Weird, Goofy, Unconventional, Strange... in my warped little world all of those words translate to FUN MUSIC ala Big & Rich. I've been saying this on my radio show for quite a while now, "these guys are either going to re-write the books on main stream country music or they're going down in flames." There is no middle ground when it comes to songs like "Rollin’ (The Ballad Of Big & Rich)" or "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy."

Kenny & John are a part of the what's known around Nashville as the Musik Mafia which includes singer-songwriters Gretchen Wilson, James Otto, Jon Nicholson, Cowboy Troy and sometimes even Kid Rock. They play it hard and loud; these guys are going to have a great time no matter who’s watching. Their music is the new brand of outlaw country; they call it "Country music without prejudice." I'm officially dubbing it "Thump-Country." I don't know if the name will stick but it sure fits.

Big Kenny says; "Music just shouldn't have limits, man," we grab ‘em with the humor and the happiness, but then we want them to feel every emotion. And you can do anything you want with a song. You can make people laugh, but you can also make them cry if that's what you're after. And when it's all over they feel better, they feel hope, they feel bright, they feel love..."

I had the pleasure of meeting Kenny and John a few months back and listening to what they do in a small, live two-guys-with-guitars setting – great guys, fun guys and fun music with an underlying message here and there. Oh yes, they have their serious side too, you'll find it in songs like "Holy Water" and "Live This Life." When they performed "Kick My Ass" for us, although I loved it, I never imagined it would be on the CD ... it is.

Kenny is widely known around town as "Nashville's Universal Minister of Love." He told me once that he truly believes the world would be a much nicer place if everyone could just sit down and have a beer together. You know, the big goofball just might be right.

"Life's as large as you want to make it," says John, and Big Kenny and John Rich are livin’ large and in charge. Big & Rich are pushing the envelope farther than it's ever been pushed before, some people are going to get them, some are not. Some folks will love what they do, some will not. For that reason alone I’m rating Horse Of A Different Color as a "Try It First," but as for me it's a strong BUY IT!

Heh... "Thump-Country," I like that!

Big & Rich - Horse Of A Different Color  track list: 

Rollin' (The Ballad Of Big & Rich) 
Wild West Show 
Big Time 
Kick My Ass 
Six Foot Town 
Holy Water 
Real World
Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)
Drinkin' 'Bout You 
Love Train 
Deadwood Mountain 


Website Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill: 
Warning! True to their over-the-top style and sound, their website loads quick and loud. This is where Jim would caution you to turn your speakers down, especially if you are browsing at your place of employment. I, on the other hand (after listening to the sound bytes on their site), have decided to follow the lead of Big & Rich and advise you to be fearless, have a little fun, bend the rules, emulate these two whacko guys and CRANK IT UP! 

This site is colorful, crazy, and extremely cool. It has lots of great info, photos, video and music clips. With "high band/low band" options, and the ability to turn the sound down or off, I found the website to be very user friendly. After reading Jim's review of this duo, I would guess that their website is a perfect reflection of these two larger-than-life guys who are, no doubt, going to only get bigger and richer once the world discovers how very talented they really are. Browse on over, lock down your chair, plop your virtual saddle on this Horse Of A Different Color and take a wild ride.

Rating:   Good Stuff!

Check it out for yourself... www.BigandRich.com 

Fan Rating:


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