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Blake Shelton - The Dreamer
Artist Profile and Website Review by Jim Weaver

Blake Shelton burst onto the country music scene with his self-titled debut CD back in July of 2001 with his first #1 hit "Austin". Since then he's had some chart success and has surely sold a bunch of albums but it wasn't until the release of his latest song "The Baby" that he was looking at another #1 hit. "The Baby" is the first release from his second CD The Dreamer, in stores now. Even though his debut CD was good... The Dreamer is even better. It's a power-filled almost edgy showing from Blake but don't worry, it's still country. Some of my favs from the new CD are "The Baby" (of course), "Heavy Liftin'", "In My Heaven" (especially the part about feeding lawyers to the lions), "The Dreamer", "Asphalt Cowboy" and "My Neck Of The Woods"
This CD shows a lot of maturing over the last two years and yet you can still hear that young Okie rebel in his voice that just wants to belt out a good song. Good CD!
Rating: BUY It!

Website Review:
Uh Oh... FLASH Intro Alert! Singing Site Alert! Like it or not this site is going to burst through your speakers and may take a while to load depending on your connection speed. You do have the option to skip the intro but you can't get away from the FLASH files, they're sprinkled all throughout the site. As for content, this site is loaded with it; Chat Room, News, Fan Pics, Wallpapers, Bio, Music, FAQ, just about everything a fan could want... except, where's the photos? There's hardly any promotional-type pics of Blake in there, in fact there's practically none. And what happened to the links page? You know, the one that this site (CSO) used to be on? Shame, Shame. 
Overall even though it has some negatives Blake's site gets a good rating because of it's content, there's a ton of it.  
Rating: Pretty Good.


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