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Blue County - Self Titled Debut (Curb Records)
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

Before I say anything else about this album, let me tell you a very important thing about this duo; there is no "r" in their name. I mention this because I KNOW I am not the only one who thought this group was called Blue CountRy -- they are Blue County. So now you know why that Google, Boolean search turned up nothing.

Blue County is comprised of longtime friends Scott Reeves and Aaron Benward. Benward, the son of a professional gospel singer, moved to Nashville while he was still in high school. He enrolled at Belmont University on a soccer scholarship and majored in music industry studies. He eventually left school to tour with his father for several years and they recorded three CDs together. 

The route that Reeves took to reach country radio, included a detour through Beverly Hills (where his father worked with the police department.) After high school, Reeves, who was already acting and playing music, took classes for two years at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and began working in commercials and on television, which landed him the role of Ryan McNeil on The Young & the Restless. 

Fate brought Reeves and Benward together at a video shoot many years ago. At that initial meeting they discovered they shared a lot of the same career goals so they made it a point to stay in touch. Over the years they became good friends and their two families became close.

For months before the release of this album, Blue County was discussed, dissected and scrutinized around water coolers across the country. "Being a 'soap hunk' doesn't guarantee success in Nashville if you can't sing" was the standard remark. As we now know, Benward and Reeves not only can sing, but they are also accomplished musicians and songwriters. 

As I write this, "Good Little Girls" is sitting solidly on the charts and moving upward. By the time I submit this feature, Blue County will most likely be in the top ten and there are other songs on this album that have the potential to chart as well. "Summer Song," "That's Cool" and "Walk On Water" are all lyrically strong and musically pleasing and for a profound life-lesson, delightfully delivered by good ole feel-good music, "Sunday Driver" is perfect. 

Benward says, about his father (Jeoffrey), "He never [sang] for financial reasons; it was always because of a passion to affect people through music. That spoke to me and instilled that idea to go for your dreams, no matter what." Country music fans are glad he heeded the words of his father and that he decided to include Reeves in pursuit of his dreams. In wrapping up this review I do want to remind you of this most important fact about this talented new duo; there is no "r" in Blue County. However, there is an "r" in perfection; and Benward and Reeves come pretty darn close to that on this new album.

Blue County  track list: 

01. Good Little Girls 
02. Summer Song 
03. That's Cool 
04. Hollywood, CA 
05. Sunday Driver 
06. What's Not To Love 
07. Sounds Like Home 
08. Nothin' But Cowboy Boots
09. Time Well Spent 
10. Ride On 
11. Losin' At Love 
12. Walk On Water 


Rating: Buy it!

Website Review by Jim Weaver: 
Blue County's website is a FLASH site with no HTML alternative so the question is... "will it load if I don't have the FLASH Player installed on my computer?"... good question. Answer - I don't know, I've had FLASH installed on my machine so long now I really don't know what their site would look like or even if it would load without it. Of course, if you don't have FLASH on your computer by now, you're way behind on the technology curve. Install it now. There a just far too many sites using it these days for you to not have it, it's free you know. Anyway, on to the site review. For duo that hasn't been around very long these guys have a nice collection of pics for the fans to go through, some lyrics (but not all), they don't have music clips yet, the site says that they will have a music player soon but I don't understand why they don't have 30 second MP3 clips of each song from their debut CD online right now. I couldn't find any Fan Club information, maybe they don't have one yet and no Links Page, you know me by now, everyone needs a links page. Overall...

Rating: Nice Site!

Fan Rating:

Please visit the
website for yourself.


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