Brad Paisley - Mud On The Tires
CD Review by Jim Weaver

CD Review:
Brad Paisley - Album Number 3 - The Brilliance Continues. 

After I listened to Brad's new CD, Mud On The Tires, while riding down the road today it hit me that I'm listening with two ears. I don't mean the traditional two, as in one on either side of my head, I mean two perspectives;  one as a country radio programmer and the other as a fan. For the radio guy side, this CD has at least 4 or 5 Top 10 traditional sounding country hits on it and that's just as good for country radio as it is for Brad and Arista Records. As for the fan side, Mud On The Tires simply solidifies the fact that Brad is one of the most talented singer/songwriters and guitar players in Nashville today. It's nice to hear new country music steeped in the traditional sound that I grew up with. The great news is there's a rather large crop of traditionalists stepping up to the microphone these days and I love it. It's not that I don't like the contemporary artists, I do, but country music needs artists like Brad to keep it grounded in the traditions that put the genre on the map. 

The first single from the CD, "Celebrity", is a Top 5 hit on both the Billboard and R&R charts this week as the CD hits the stores on Tuesday, July 22nd. Brad wrote or co-wrote nine of the albumís 17 tracks... yes I said 17, there are 16 listed but there is a hidden track at the end.

Mud On The Tires track list:

1. Mud On The Tires
2. Celebrity
3. Ain't Nothin Like
4. Little Moments
5. That's Love
6, Somebody Knows You Now
7. Famous People
8. Hold Me In Your Arms (And Let Me Fall)
9. Whiskey Lullaby (Featuring Alison Krauss)

10. The Best Thing I Had Goin'
11. The Cigar Song
12. Make A Mistake
13. Make A Mistake With Me (Instrumental)
14. Is It Raining At Your House
15. Spaghetti Western Swing (Instrumental Featuring Redd Volkaert)
16. Farther Along
17. (I'm not telling, you'll have to buy it)

Rating: Buy It Now!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Very Nice! There is a little FLASH used on his site but not much. There are a few things that are for Fan Club Members only but for the most part there's a lot of stuff to see and do for the casual fan as well. Cool features include the Road Report and the Guitars and Gear pages. Very well done, Brad's webmaster gets 2 atta-boys... or atta-girls, whichever fits better.

Rating: Great Job!

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