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Buddy Jewell - Buddy Jewell
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

CD Review:
Buddy Jewell's rapid rise up the charts, and ever increasing popularity, is proof that the two million plus votes he garnered to become the first Nashville Star winner wasn't a fluke. America has spoken and I sure hope the powers that be in Music City are listening ... and looking.  

The CD starts off with the tongue-in cheek "I Wanna Thank Everyone" which could easily become the anthem for 99% of the artists who have managed to succeed in Nashville in spite of being told by someone in the industry that they would never make it. The song is a clever ode to every artists resolve and resolve is obviously no stranger to Jewell.

Nashville Star wasn't the first competition where Jewell had walked away as the winner. The ruggedly handsome singer/song writer had already won the Dallas regional June Jam Talent Search and been proclaimed the male vocalist champion on TV's Star Search, twice, before heading off to Nashville. For the next eight years he made a living singing demos for some of Nashville's biggest stars.  All that hard work and drive has finally paid off; and deservedly so.

Jewell's debut single, the self-penned "Help Pour Out the Rain (Lacey's Song)," has touched hearts across America and is the highest charting debut by a new artist since the launch of the Nielsen system in 1990.  The album, produced by country star Clint Black, is sure to produce additional hits. This CD contains eleven songs that are as country comfortable as Grandma's front porch swing and as satisfying as a tall glass of homemade lemonade.  Although "One In A Row" was my personal favorite; I enjoyed the entire CD -- and that's a rarity for me.

Buddy Jewell
track list:

1 I Wanna Thank Everyone 
2 Help Pour Out The Rain (Lacey's Song) 
3 Sweet Southern Comfort 
4 Today I Started Loving You Again (Duet with Miranda Lambert) 
5 Abilene On Her Mind 

6 One In A Row 
7 O'Reilly Luck 
8 Why We Said Goodbye 
9 One Step At A Time 
10 I Can Get By 
11 You Know How Women Are 

Rating: Buy It!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Nice looking site! A little dark for my tastes and the image on the main page would look better if they used a professionally done headshot but there's no FLASH used so it loads pretty quickly. The one thing that that I'm still shaking my head over is; if you're a country star, and Buddy certainly is, how do you not have a page on your website dedicated to your music? Track list, audio clips, lyrics, a little blurb about each song maybe... something! There's nothing, zilch, nada, zip... no mention of his debut album at all. I don't get it, before his recent site redesign he had two previous CD's available to buy online, now nothing! There's no mention of his debut CD with Sony or his two previous independent releases. The site would have gotten a Thumbs-Ups if it weren't for that. 

Update!!! After an e-mail chat with Buddy's webmaster I found out that I was right, the music was there and will be back soon after some changes are made. So in that case...

Rating: Nice Work!

Please visit the
website for yourself.


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