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Chris Cagle - Self-Titled Enhanced CD
Album Review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill

"I'll never be anybody's hero 
A legend of a story 
Or a saint that's bound for glory, I've got a soul and I use it for yearning 
With a heart that skips a beat for you 
And a fire that keeps on burning 
I'm a simple man ..." Chris Cagle 

Yeah, okay. I've known a lot of simple men and none of them ever spoke that poetically. Come to think of it, I've known a lot of not-so-simple men and none of them ever said anything that profound either. And let's be really honest here. I know of at least fifty women who have bought the album just so they can look at the photos on the album insert. Funny thing, not one of them ever used the adjective "simple" when describing Cagle's voice, talent or appearance ... and neither has anyone within the industry. Nope! Simple just isn't a word that comes to mind when you think of this artist. 

Cagle had a hand in writing nine of the eleven songs on this self-titled album, AND he co-produced it. Simple? Hardly. And you really get your money's worth here. Only eleven songs but, due to the length of each, you end up with about a solid hour of bona-fide, first class, foot stompin', heart rippin', gut wrenchin' music and lyrics -- not one simple song on the entire album. Each one unique in delivery and verse. 

Cagle's sound, for lack of a single descriptive word, is like Montgomery Gentry; only he is both of them. Make sense? It will when you listen to "Chicks Dig It" and a couple of the other rocking tunes he has included on this album. I think it's the vitality in his expressiveness on the up-tempo songs and his mellifluous delivery on the ballads that makes him stand out. Nice. Very nice, indeed. Almost perfection. Nothing simple here. 

Cagle says, "Nothing's handed to you in this world. You gotta get up every morning and fight for your place at the table. You gotta believe in your dream because nobody else will. And you have to keep going, no matter what because it's the only way you're gonna get there." Pretty profound words coming from someone who describes himself as a "simple man." I'd say it's a safe bet that, with that kind of faith and drive, he will get "there." 

By the way, did I mention the photos on the liner notes? (No disrespect intended, Mr. Cagle. Just being honest and saying out loud what everyone else is thinking. They, alone, are worth the price of the CD.) This one's a definite keeper. Whether you get it to listen to or just to gaze at. Buy it! 

Chris Cagle track list: Buy It!

1.  What A Beautiful Day 
2.  Chicks Dig It 
3.  Look What I Found 
4.  I Love It When She Does That 
5.  Night On The Country 
6.  I'd Be Lying 

7.  Everything 
8.  It Takes Two 
9.  Growin' Love 
10.  Just Love Me 
11.  Look At What I've Done 

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
I am forever impressed by the site design creativity of the folks at MusicCityNet.net, and no, they didn't pay me to say that. They have been contracted to do a bunch-o-country artist and music industry sites and their unique designs stand head and shoulders above most. Chris' site is another fine example of just what can be done on the world wide web; a great mixture of FLASH animation and HTML, your choice of High or Low Bandwidth sites, both do contain FLASH but you can turn off the animation. Plenty to see and do within the site and incentives to join Chris' online community to gain even more access to... more Chris. 

Rating: Great!

Please visit the
website for yourself.

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