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Clay Walker - A Few Questions
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

CD Review:
Clay Walker's off-stage persona is distinctly different from the one you see on stage. The charming, soft-spoken gentleman dramatically morphs into a truly dynamic, highly energetic performer the second a spotlight hits him. A Few Questions successfully captures the energy and vivacity that is always evident in his live performances but is often difficult to capture in a recording studio. 

Walker has a mesmerizing quality in his voice that has become even more profound over the years. He is able to convey almost any song with a subtle passion and lilt that leads you through the music and, even on the most up tempo songs, doesn't clobber you over the head. I do wish he would give us more ballads -- the man has a voice that was meant to sing them. 

There were several songs on this album that stood out for me but I particularly liked "Jesus Was A Country Boy," co-written by Walker. A very powerful old message is conveyed in a melodic, refreshing, new way. 

This is Walker's first album for RCA Records; he had four platinum and two gold albums with the now defunct Giant Records. After listening to this album, I'm sure the pattern for success will continue. The title song, and first single to be released to radio, was R & R's most added single on the country charts in the first week of adds and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why. The rest of the album is very likely to continue this trend. 

Clay Walker - A Few Questions track list:

1. A Few Questions
2. Everybody Needs Love
3. Sweet Sun Angel
4. Jesus Was A Country Boy
5. I Can't Sleep
6. Coming Back Again
7. Heaven Leave The Light On

8. I'm In The Mood For You
9. When She's Good She's Good
10. This Is What Matters
11. Countrified
12. I Don't Want To Know
I Can't Forget Her

Rating: Buy It!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
WOW! Great looking site! Very little FLASH is used (and that's a good thing), loads quickly, fantastic graphics, downloadable pics, wallpapers, Fan Club info, Bio and CD information. A couple of things... No Music Clips? How can you be music artist and not have music clips on your site? No Links Page or Contact information. How do say your "thank yous" to your tour sponsors, Managment, Record Label, Radio, TV...or even Websites that promote you for no compensation... with no Links/Contacts page?  Just a thought.

Rating: Good Job!

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