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Clint Black - Spend My Time
CD Review by Jim Weaver

Clint Black is back... and this time he's doing it on his own. Not literally by himself, just not with the help of a "major label". For the first time in his hugely successful career Clint Black is going it alone and he's making it work just fine. Just a short while back Clint announced a partnership called Equity Records which is a whole new business model for artists in Nashville, signed artists are actually partners in their and the record label's success. If they become a star everyone makes money, not just the record company. This has got to be very unsettling news to the biggies in Nashville, simply because this just might work. 

Clint's new CD, Spend My Time, will be in stores on Tuesday, March 2nd and whatever they're charging, it's worth every penny. Part of the reason Clint and his former record company parted ways is that for him writing songs is kinda like breathing, he has to do it. He has to write songs and he wants to record and perform the songs he writes. So your asking... did he write every song on the new CD? Yes, Clint wrote or co-wrote every song on the new CD. 

The title track is still working it's way up the charts, Top 20 on both Billboard and Radio & Records. Clint says of the song "Itís the first song Hayden Nicholas and I wrote after Lisa and I sold the California home and settled exclusively in Nashville. Itís all about deciding to make the best possible use of my time". Clint has obviously been spending his time well, he does some real stretching on this album, both vocally and musically, and I don't mean that in a bad way. I'm hearing a more focused than ever Clint Black, one who's not afraid to push the limits of what he does and reach for new heights.

Some of my favorite songs on this CD...
"Everything I Need"- Romps like vintage Clint yet has the lyrics of a classic love song. My suggestion for his next single!
"The Boogie Man" - Just plain fun.
"Haywire" - A song about the tangled mess of technology we all deal with these days... too true!
"A Lovers Clown" - Coolest lyrics on the CD... co-written with Steve Wariner, one of the coolest singer/songwriter/guitar pickers in Music City.

For Clint Black fans it's been a long wait since his last studio album, 1999ís Dílectrified, and the wait has been worth it.

Spend My Time
track list:

1. Spend My Time 
2. We All Fall Down 
3. My Imagination 
4. She's Leavin' 
5. Everything I Need 
6. What Ever Happened 
7. A Mind To 
8. Just Like You And Me 
9. The Boogie Man 
10. Someone Else's Tears 
11. Haywire 
12. A Lover's Clown 


Rating: Buy it!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Clint has done a great job with the direction of his website. In fact his site one of the sites I highlighted in my article "The ABCs of  Artist Website Design" from two years ago and nothing has changed. He still has the Splash page giving readers the choice of his HTML or FLASH sites for either broadband or dial-up connections. Plus you get all the goodies... news, music & video clips, bio, pictures, message board and much more! This is one of the best artist sites in the world, of any music genre, simply because it's made for the fan.

Rating: It's Great!

Please visit the
website for yourself.

Fan Rating:

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