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Darryl Worley - Have You Forgotten
CD and Website Review by Jim Weaver

CD Review:
Sometimes you get a hit and every now and then, if you're real lucky, you knock one out of the park with the bases loaded. That's exactly what's happened with the title track to Darryl Worley's latest CD Have You Forgotten. Think about it, this song has done something that as far as I know has only been done in country music twice before, it's gone from not charted to #1 in just five weeks! WOW! That's what happens when an artist touches the heart and soul of country music fans all over the world and make no mistake about it Darryl Worley is a country music artist. The song was penned by Darryl and his writing pal Wynn Varble after visiting and performing for the troops in Afghanistan, so truly it was written for them, but thanks to good timing it took on a life of it's own and an identity with the war in Iraq. It's powerful, it's poignant, it's perfect, it's huge and on Tuesday, April 15th... it's in stores. Darryl is a big man (6'6") with a big heart and a big love for his fans, the military and his country and it really shows on this album. Have You Forgotten is not an all new album, it's a compilation CD with the best of his first two CD's, including some of my favorites "When You Need My Love", "Family Tree", "Too Many Pockets" and a few new cuts. I was already a Darryl Worley fan before this came out but believe me, the more I learn about the man, his music and his commitment to his fans the bigger fan I become.

Rating: Buy it... as soon as you can... worth every penny!

Website Review:
I don't know if you've read my article "The ABC's of Artist Website Design" or not, but Darryl's site is one of the finest examples of how it's supposed to be done! Right from the get-go you get a splash page giving you the option of FLASH or HTML, what a concept! That shows someone's thinking of the fans first and how cool they can make their site look second. And it does look cool, both the FLASH and the HTML versions. You'll find it has most everything a fan could want... except a link back to this site, but I'm hoping to fix that soon.

Rating: Great Job!

Please visit Darryl's website for yourself.

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