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David Lee Murphy - Tryin' To Get There (Koch Records)
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

It takes much more than a good voice to make it to radio these days, and David Lee Murphy knows all about Tryin' To Get There. He had a hand in writing all twelve of the songs on this album, but the title song, co-written by the legendary Waylon Jennings, is one of his personal favorites. "Tryin' to get there, Sometimes that ain't easy, When you really don't know where that is." The lyrics certainly convey a discernible philosophy. Murphy says that Waylon had a huge impact on him. Being able to write songs with one of his heroes, and getting to know him, was an incredible experience.

Despite the fact that he hasn't been in the recording studio since 1995, his hit tune from that year, "Dust On The Bottle," has remained a principal commodity on radio and continued to appease old fans while it recruited new ones over the years. Murphy has also remained involved in the industry via his songwriting. Chris LeDoux, Trick Pony, Aaron Tippin, Hank Williams Jr., Montgomery Gentry and Brooks & Dunn are just a few of the artists who recorded songs written by Murphy in the last few years. All things considered, it is not surprising that "Loco," the first single release from the album, debuted in the top forty on the country charts.

After leaving MCA, Murphy's goal was to write the best songs he could write and have some of them recorded by other artists until he was ready to get back in the studio and on the road. "I saved a few of the songs for me," he says, and his new album indicates he may have saved some of the best, and most raucous, for himself. "There's a whole world of people out there who've always loved the rowdier side of country music. They'll respond to your music if it's hard-hitting and honest," he concludes.

"Hard-hitting and honest," pretty much sums it up. If rock'in country is what rattles your windows then Tryin' To Get There is a must-have addition to your CD collection.

Tryin' To Get There  track list: 

1 I Like It Already 
2 Same Ol Same Ol' 
3 Loco 
4 Own Little World 
5 Tryin' To Get There 
6 Inspiration 
7 Ghost In The Jukebox 
8 She Always Said 
9 Mama's Last 
10 Beggin' For Affection 
11 Might Be Me 
12 Killin' The Pain 


Rating: Try It, Then Buy it!

Website Review by Jim Weaver: Updated Below!
David Lee's website is very well done overall but I do have a couple of nit-picky things I wanted to bring up. NO MUSIC CLIPS! Hello, we're trying to sell music here right? No pictures, except for the same one you see on every page... twice. Links? Sorry, but in my book, if you want sites to link to yours (and you do) you better be able to link back to theirs. It's called Web-Etiquette. If there is a link on DLs site to buy his new CD, I sure couldn't find it. At the risk of repeating myself, we are trying to sell music here right?

Update: Just in the last few days David Lee's site has undergone many changes and all for the good. Apparently I did my review right at the beginning of a major overhaul. Keep checking back to David Lee's site to stay up with all the changes, speaking of changes... 

Rating: Good Job!

Fan Rating:

Please visit the website for yourself. 

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